New beginning as Husband and Wife

Blissfully wed! ❤

29 October 2016 - Wedding Over!

29 October 2016 – Wedding Over!

Apologies for taking such a long break from here! I have been so busy moving my things, settling all the wedding preparations for the past month. And on 29 October 2016, everything just happen in a blink of an eye and we are wedded!

Till now, we still cannot believe we are husband and wife. The joy we experience when waiting for each other after work to go home together, the contentment when we eat meals together with family. And we are eagerly waiting for the photos to be ready so that we can share some of our favorite moments that happened on our wedding day 🙂

Sharing one of our conversations before signing off here:

He: ” 老婆, can I buy PS4?”
Me:” Can. On the condition that you get a second controller. I want to play together. ”

Few hours later, he bought PS4 with 2 controllers but games that only allow one player.

Win Liao Lor.

When I pointed out why he did not get the multiple player games, he replied with a smirk that he has fulfilled my condition. Tsk!


Bellae Illustrations: Marchesa Bridal Spring 2017 Inspiration

I am so loving Marchesa Bridal Spring Fashion collection this year. The dresses are so fairy-like with floral detailing as 3-D appliqués on gowns with dipping décolletage or lace embroidery. How can I not love them?

And my favorite dress out of this collection:

Trying out Boomerang video for the first time while adding glitters to the dress:

– In watercolor, acrylics and glitters

Wedding Journey: We are officially Mr and Mrs!

I just registered my marriage legally with my husband last week at the Registry of Marriage (ROM)! ❤



I ❤ my dress!

Bought this dress from Theory of Seven, which first came too big on me. Thanks to my talented mother-in-law who worked as a dressmaker before, she managed to alter my dress to fit my size and height. I love how the ombre-effect of the dress make the photos look so beautiful! And the husband who dressed up as well 😉

“With this ring, I marry you.”

Loving this flower bouquet that my husband got for me, after showing him my preferences of flowers and arrangement. ❤

For all brides and grooms who want to save money, go to your neighborhood florist and ask them to rearrange the flowers for you as it is definitely cheaper than you buy from malls or elsewhere (depending on the flowers you choose). After comparing prices and talking to the florist, we got this bouquet for SGD $60, with a nicely tied ribbon at the end. It was comparably cheaper than those florists that I look around online. I also source for my neighborhood florist when I had to help my sister-in-law get her bridal album table cotton flower bouquet and it was a very nice experience with negotiable price too!

How about makeup?

Deciding to save money, I decided to do my own makeup and I think I am quite successful despite being a beginner!

My ROM Makeup Look

My ROM Makeup Look

I can tell you that this photo is not edited. I just love how my foundation ( give my skin such a dewy finish and it looks fabulous in photos without any white cast. Before that, I put the primer and  moisture ampoule base to allow the face to be work on smoothly. The mascara I used gave me such nice lashes without the need of putting fake lashes. I also add in a little bit of glittered eyeshadow to add some glamour, together with liquid eyeliner to enlarge my small, mono eyes. That’s one problem of having mono eyelids, it is so tough to make your eyes look big. I use orange blusher to give a nice healthy glow on my cheeks. Thankfully, an extremely nice and friendly makeup artist who did my makeup for an event, taught me the dos and don’ts for my makeup so I was able to pull this off nicely.

For girls who always have chapped and dry lips like me, do put lip sleeping mask the night before so that you will get a moist and plump looking lips the next morning! Another tip from me is to put the lip sleeping mask first before putting your lipstick. I can assure you that it will look great without the fear of having the color sinks into the lines of your lips.

After that, put loose powder to set the whole make up and you are good to go! This whole makeup look took me only 30 minutes which is not bad for a novice! Probably because I am a portrait pencil artist, maybe that’s why I can draw my face like that.  *A pat on my back*

Makeup I used for this look:

  • Real Skin Moisture Ampoule Base from Witch’s Pouch
  • Skin Equalizer Primer from Make Up For Ever
  • Ultra HD Make Up For Ever Foundation
  • Perfect Cover Concealer from Witch’s Pouch
  • Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer from Too Faced
  • Stay All Day® Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner from Stila
  • Shadow for Eyes (Royal Golden Beam – SD1) from Witch’s Pouch
  • Aritaum Mono Eyes (I think #96?)
  • Eye Brow Liner (Brown) from Silky Girl
  • Lash Perm Curl Fix from Etude House
  • Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Trio (Orange) from Skinfood
  • Lip Mask from Laneige
  • Lipstick from Elizabeth Arden
  • Loose powder from Laura Mercier

You can find most of these stuffs from either Sephora or Althea Korea Singapore. You can see that I am quite a fan of Witch’s Pouch! The rest like Etude House, Skinfood and Aritaum brands, I shopped them at Korea during my pre-wedding shoot vacation! I also did for my mother’s makeup that day and she loved her look too! *Double pats*


And finally, my favorite photo of the day!

I am so loving this picture taken by my brother-in-law! We decided that to show our joy and excitement by posing fun shot here instead of serious and boring pose with the backdrop outside ROM.

Why take such serious shot when it is a happy event? 😉


Wedding Planning: Choosing your ideal venue

To get the brief overview of planning your own wedding yourself, you can refer to my past post: The importance of planning ahead.

When le fiance and I first started our wedding planning journey last year, we absolutely have no idea what to look out for. But the first thing in our mind is to source for our wedding venue as I always hearsay that you have to book the venue 15 months in advance! So we start searching for venues, and shortlisting them way ahead.

As known by our friends, le fiance and I are the most laziest couple ever when it comes to venturing out to search for things so tediously. So when we were searching for venues, we just google for images and shortlisted only 4 venues according to the location, capacity and decorations. So if you are someone like us, do that and save your time visiting the venues and getting disappointed. Trust me, it really save a lot of time and energy.

Things that we take into consideration:

  1. Location
  2. Perks that come with the wedding package
  3. Capacity
  4. Decorations/ Wedding favors
  5. Attitude of the coordinator
  6. Within your budget
  7. Bridal Suite/ Holding area

We are more inclined towards booking a restaurant as our wedding venue because we are more concerned about food as we want to ensure that our guests enjoy the food as much as possible since they come all the way down to celebrate our special occasion. As le fiance stays in the west, we preferred the west or central location. Wedding packages that comes with all the perks is also important so as to see if you can negotiate for a better deal as there may be some of the things that you might not need and you can get a replacement of other stuffs. This can help you to keep within your budget as well. Attitude of the coordinators is really important as coordinators are there to ensure the smooth wedding planning journey rather than causing mental obstacles.

Would you want to add extra headache if you cannot contact your coordinator or get his prompt responses while chasing him for things to get done?

Hotels normally comes with a bridal suite, while restaurants or other venues might come with a changing room. Whats matters is whether you will have a place for helpers to rest, allowing you to change your wedding attires and storing your valuables as well. There was once I remembered, I read a review of a bride who said that her changing room at a certain restaurant was so small, cramped and smelly that it gave her so much discomfort that it spoiled her wedding day.

Several websites like the wedding forums and wedding websites are really useful in narrowing down your search like Singapore Brides, Wedding Forum SG and Perfect Wedding Forum. I frequented those websites most of the time on my starting journey and get the inside reviews of the venues.

And the venues we shortlisted: Fu Lin Men @ JCC, Orchid Country Club, Genting Hotel and Joyden Hall @ Bugis +. I will not displayed the packages prices as it differ every year so just visit the Singapore Brides website as they have the wedding packages of different venues displayed. 🙂

* * *

First stop: Fu Lin Men @ Jurong Country Club

I shortlisted this because I heard good reviews about the food and the location is extremely near the MRT station. When I saw the virtual tour of the banquet room in Singapore Brides, I instantly fell in love with the bright decor and the chandelier lighting. And I just love the stage setting! The walk in is extremely short which is ideal for both of us as we were quite introverted couple so we dislike much attention on us for too long. So as I explained to people how I prefer a short walk way because I do not like eyes on me, my friends rolled eyes about that and said wedded couple are meant to be in the center of attraction!

Credits: Singapore Brides Website

Credits: Singapore Brides Website

We actually walked in before their opening hours in the afternoon without making any appointment, but the banquet assistant manager was so friendly and kind enough to bring us around the room and show us the bridal room as well as the ROM outdoor venue. A very big plus point from me. He even gestured the waitress to serve us water while we waited for him to take out all the portfolios of their wedding invitation cards, wedding favors as well as the table centerpieces decor. We like him instantly and we thought we will just stick to this venue. Le fiance found the ceiling to be too low for his liking but he was able to overlook since he likes the venue overall. However, a week later, news came out saying that JCC will be acquired for Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail terminus. Such luck!

When we contacted the assistant manager, he said it will probably be around Nov 2016 which is too near to our wedding date. Hence not taking the chance in case we had to find venue last minute if it closes, we drop this off the list.


Second Stop: Orchid Country Club

Next, we zoomed onto to Orchid Country Club because of pillarless and spacious environment so again, we did not make an appointment and just walked in during the late afternoon when we were free. Well, that’s a bad habit for us but we always couldn’t decide whether to go since we have such busy schedule! I do not know if we are lucky or not, but when we got there, the banquet manager was actually there because there will be a wedding going on in the evening and he kindly and enthusiastically guided us around too.

Credits: Orchid Country Club website

Credits: OCC website

But the walkway is too long! Our trait of introversion kicked in and we were not keen about it. The manager explained that there will be a car provided for the walk in so it is actually a fast walk in. But I wasn’t even interested in getting on a car with my big fat gown and high heels because I know I will be extremely clumsy. Le fiance actually laughed at the thought! And we didn’t like the view of the second storey as well. The location is not very convenient for both of us and hence, we drop this off the list.


Third Stop: Genting Hotel

By then, we were getting tired and decided to aim for hotel to see if it is actually better than non-hotel venues. Genting hotel just opened at that point of time so there was no reviews or pictures to show. Hence, we had to book an appointment this time round to get a tour around the banquet hall and the bridal suite. The banquet room was rather empty and bare because they were newly opened so we didn’t take pictures. Instead they show us pictures on their brochures of how it will looks like in the wedding decorated theme. Hence, I took the pictures from Singapore Brides as they have a virtual tour of it.

Credits: Singapore Brides Website

Credits: Singapore Brides Website

We like the whole decor overall and I especially love the hanging crystal lighting, but one thing that turned us off is the reception which is located near the main lobby. Too many unwelcomed guests will be walking in and out. And we were not sure of how the food is going to taste like though the manager assured us that the chef is quite experienced with several years of experience in hotel dining under his belt. So we keep it in view while searching for more venues. I do not know if its the norm or it is just her attitude, but I find the coordinator was not very friendly and quite serious when she gave us the tour around. Country Clubs’s coordinators we have met so far are really a lot more friendlier and we feel more comfortable talking to them instead.


Last Stop: The Joyden Hall @ Bugis +

I coincidentally found this venue while googling for unique venues without hotel setting. There are hardly any reviews but so far, all the reviews are really good and the location is very convenient too. And beside that, the venue also hold a special and sweet memory for both of us as that was where we first started dating and he asked me to be his girlfriend 6 years ago. 🙂

Excitedly, we contacted the coordinator, Jeffrey (who is really nice person that has been patiently replying my inquiries over emails and whatsapp) for the wedding decor themes and he kindly emailed us the themes as well as the wedding packages. And I am amazed that they allow several themes to choose from too! One bonus point was that one of the themes is Fairytale theme which was perfect as I have already set that as my wedding theme before the start of the journey. And the ceiling was very high, with crystal lighting as well. Joyden hall is pretty much like a theatre-like setting which has a great changing room as well as a holding area for the tea ceremony or for the helpers. The walkway is just straight down and you actually enter via the curtains instead of the usual door. Sound pretty glamorous!

Credits: Singapore Brides Website

Credits: Singapore Brides Website

See the ceiling? That is the crystal lighting which I am talking about! This is their Hollywood theme, among all other themes they have.

Jeffrey also showed me their outdoor garden ROM setting as well. That was the place where le fiance asked me to be his girlfriend. 🙂  Unfortunately, we recntly decided to move our ROM forward to a month earlier as we did not want to  have our wedding day too packed as we prefer more rest time before the start of the dinner banquet. Another trait of our introversion : We need to recharge our battery in solitude.

Credits: Singapore Brides Website

The fairytale theme which I have fallen in love with! However, the ceiling decor will be changed to the crystal ceiling as I much prefer that way as it will be more classy and elegant.

Credits: Singapore Brides Website

Credits: Singapore Brides Website


The venue is conveniently located, and able to cater to the number of guests we will be inviting (Minimum is 28 tables, maximum is 38 tables). Decorations will be settled and they will also do minimal decorations at the reception too. They also provide reception cocktails as well as finger foods for additional top up.  Sound technician will also be there to play the music throughout the whole wedding so we don’t have to worry about choosing songs. Food catered is from Joyden Seafood Restaurant which garner quite a number of raved reviews from friends and online. The downside is not having a bridal suite which is not our main concern as Joyden Hall already have a changing room and a holding area which works great for both of us.

So after much discussion between Genting Hotel and Joyden Hall. we came back the second time, signed and paid our deposit! ❤


NOTE: All photos credited to The Singapore Brides unless stated otherwise. However, content and opinions are of my own.


[Media Invite] Wed Like A K-Star Wedding Show – Achieving the Korean Bridal Look for Brides and Grooms

Le fiance and I got invited by The Louvre Bridal to attend the “Timeless Elegance Episode 3”, Korean Designer Bridal Runway show, which was hosted by W Hotel, Sentosa Cove.

At the classy interior lobby of W Hotel

Searching for a perfect dress can be most brides’ dilemma if you cannot determine the type of dress that best fitted your body shape. The silhouette, neckline and fabric of the gowns should be taken into consideration and it will be quite overwhelming if one is unsure of what she wants! Whether you’re petite, plus-sized or completely lacking curves, the right style paired with genius design details can give you the look you’ve always dreamed of. My advice for all brides and grooms to be, if you have a style or concept in mind or if you are indecisive, keep a lookout for wedding shows so that you can attend and have a feel of what is it like. Look at the gowns, the wedding photos and discuss with your partner to determine what best suit your taste and style. For us, we have always love the Korean Concept, thus we signed up with The Louvre Bridal.

Upon arrival, we were seated down just in time before the runway starts. Before that, there were talks by wedding vendors which gave expert bridal advice, planning tips and how to prep for the big day. The opening began with the cheerful K-Pop dance by the dancers which was quite a great start to the bridal runway!

The bridal runway is  a whirlwind of beautiful wedding dresses ready to suit even the most fashion-savvy brides! The dresses that came down the runway were nothing short of spectacular.

Are you ready for the gorgeous gowns and suits overload?

Being a bride and bridegroom of the Louvre Bridal, we were anticipating their gown collection since we will have to choose our outfits prior to our wedding day.

Typically, Korean wedding dresses have cuts and designs that will show off the brides’ silhouette, towards mermaid or trumpet styles. They also have other styles like princess gowns and ball gowns if you choose to opt for that too!

The elegant red trumpet dress

I am so loving this one!

Ball gown that sparkles!

To complement well with Asian skin tones, brides can opt for light pastel hues so as to achieve the perfect Korean bride look.

One of my favourite pieces! The ombre effect of blue and white was rather unique in the sense that you don’t really see these kind in coloured gowns collections here.

Korean designer gowns are usually embroidered with unique delicate lace to give off a soft romantic touch as it blends semalessly with the various materials of gowns like the beautiful beading details, the glitters as well as the delicate fabrics itself.

The delicate lace details that create a romantic silhouette for the gown

I love the heart shape back design of the gown! It gave a hint of sexiness yet elegant.

Look at how the lace embellishments complement well with the soft fabric of the gown, creating a soft and gentle look which give off the vibe of elegance.

So much focus on this back design! Look at the beautiful lace detailing which create a romantic look.

From my experience with the korean studio in my pre-wedding shoot, I noticed that they will pick accessories to the minimal with one head piece at the side. On top of that, they love to bring out the natural make-up look by picking the light shade of natural eyeshadow as well as picking out lovely shades of lip colours which are bright but not the neon color. The lip stick is also moisturizing enough to create a beautiful, healthy glowing and dewy look as shown on the models in the pictures. On top of that, individual segments of eyelashes is applied to create a natural and enlarged eye effect, instead of putting a whole strip of false eyelashes. My pre-wedding shoot MUA took quite some time to apply the lashes which I know it is not an easy application.

The natural K-bridal makeup look on the models, which create such a radiant and dewy look!

What about the grooms?

Grooms can play it up with non conventional colours such as navy or light blue ot even charming checkered suits. I like how perfectly matched of the groom’s top and bottom, as well as with their shirts together with the blazer. The accessories they don on match the colours and patterns of the unconventional suits to create the desired look.

I especially love these two outfits, which le fiance gave a nod of approval.

One of le finance’s favourites

One of my favourites. I love how the light blue blazer matched perfectly well with the navy blue shirt and sleek white pants.


Here’s the video of the whole runway, much thanks to The Louvre Bridal for the video production!

With The Louvre Bridal, Fion and Rebecca.

Ending with my favourite photo of the day:

The beautiful and handsome models that grace the show

I always love looking at the backstage group photos. ❤

If you are currently or going to plan your wedding, and prefer the Korean Style as mentioned, do not hesitate to look for The Louvre Bridal. The Louvre Bridal has been featured on The Wedding vow as one of the top 10 Bridals being listed! They are also featured in The New Paper as the trendsetter for new bridal trends. Be it pre-wedding Korean Concept photoshoots to Korea or in Singapore, or dressing up as beautiful K-bride and groom on your actual day, they offer wide range of bridal services which can customized to your needs. 🙂

To all brides and grooms-to-be out there, have fun planning your wedding and enjoy your wedding journey together! ❤

Credits to the sponsors for the event:
Makeup & Hairstyling – Eesha Ke & Team (
Flowers – Petite Fleur (
Videography – Coffee Tang from Coffee & Tea Dreamzcoffee (

Disclaimer: Some pictures are credited to The Louvre Bridal unless stated otherwise. However, content and opinions are of my own.


Timeless Elegance – Korean Designer Runway Show

UPDATE: I came back from work to find the lovely bouquet on my table. Thank you The Louvre Bridal for the beautiful flowers and the invitation to the wedding show for their Korean designer gown collection! It certainly make my day!

Signing up as a bride with Louvre Bridal, I will be anticipating their gown collection this Sunday at the Wed Like A K-Star Wedding Show hosted by W Singapore – Sentosa Cove.


Louvre Bridal will be holding their korean designer gown collection at an upcoming wedding show this Saturday!

“Timeless Elegance Episode 3” (시대를 초월한 우아함 3) will grace the bridal show runway at the Wed Like A K-Star Wedding Show hosted by W Singapore – Sentosa Cove on Sunday 17th July 2016.

Being the first and only bridal with Korean Designer collection in Singapore, every piece is infused with opulent grace and elegance, the Korean Designer Collection, is bound unleash the K-Star charms in you. 

Event Details:
Date:  Sunday, 17th July 2016
Venue: W Singapore – Sentosa Cove
Time:  1pm – 4pm

RSVP NOW for their most raved Bridal Couture Runway of the year!


Pre-wedding Korea Trip: The long awaited photoshoot day

Oh yes, finally the post on our pre-wedding photo shoot in Korea! We have been waiting eagerly for a year for that! I will not be posting much photos here as I would like to keep it to minimum until after the wedding, I will just be blogging about the experience instead.

We started out very early to catch the subway train from Anguk Station so that we can reached the destination by 9 AM at Wondang Station. To be honest, we have no idea who to be expecting and all we have is just to look out for a car shown in the picture attachment that was emailed to us by Louvre Bridal. We reached on the dot but could not find the car and we were wondering if we were at the wrong entrance until a guy came up to us and asked if we are here for photo shoot. And well, the car was different from the picture so we miss it out during our quick scan of our surroundings.

He introduced himself as the photographer, PD Song, and surprisingly, he spoke good English so we were quite relieved that perhaps there will be no trouble communicating with the photographer. It turned out that he is the only photographer who can speak English, hence he was assigned to us. After a long drive, we reached L Studio and I just love the surroundings!

Everything happened so fast! The korean lady (I called her “Unnie” which is sister in korean) that was assigned to me took charge of my gown fitting and she immediately put me in a nice silky outfit before ushering me to the makeup room to have my hair and makeup done by other korean ladies. Unfortunately, there is communication barrier between the MUAs, and I could not tell them what I preferred so I gave up with a sigh and let them work their magic. Thankfully, it turned out well, though I have to tell them to work more on my eyes. Le fiance came in after a while and one of the MUA worked on him as well.

Once done, we were ushered back into the waiting room where PD Song sat us down and started explaining how he works and showing us various concepts, explaining to us the process and answered our questions. After that, Unnie brought me to choose the gowns and again, there is communication barrier. I was pretty frustrated because I couldn’t communicate much and in the end I just let her choose for me and just indicated yes or no in korean. So in the end, I only tried 3 gowns since they seem to be in a rush and didn’t have the chance to try others that caught my eye. But I am satisfied with the two long gowns that she picked out. However, I am quite disappointed with the limited varieties for short gowns and I just get the one that Unnie picked out as it seems that they were rushing for time so I didn’t get the chance to try other short gowns at all.

Gown fitting room

Same goes for le fiance. Everything was so fast that we forgotten to request for a vest which we want to have for the photoshoot! We are such slow thinkers and adapt too slow to their fast pace.

And then we got out to do our shooting! Surprisingly, it was not cold at all and the weather was pretty cooling which make the whole photo shoot enjoyable. PD Song was pretty friendly and Unnie followed us around to ensure everything was okay. So we really enjoyed ourselves though we started out being awkward before the photographer eased us into relaxed poses with his humor and showing us how he wanted us to pose.

Lunch time was getting food delivery which the delivery man came in with the metal box and we got our black bean paste noodle as well as fried rice. Food was pretty delicious!

Happy and hungry

Excited with his fried rice

Black bean paste noodle

Fried rice

And again, meal time was short before I got swept away to have my second hairdo and changing into another gown while le fiance changed into another tuxedo. We also managed to take personal photos with the dogs who star in our photoshoot! They were really lovable and pretty quiet, and they were such a pleasure to be with during our photoshoot. I was quite surprised by how well they pose for photos too!

Together with PD Song and Unnie:

Everything ended about 7PM and we ventured around the studio as we waited for PD Song to finish uploading the photos for viewing to allow us to choose photos for the album. I love most of the shots, especially the ones in our casual outfits and with animals. The beautiful backdrops greatly enhanced the photos, making them visually appealing and so cheerful! Kudos to PD Song on helping us to relax so that our poses did not look too stiff.

Unfortunately there were some really nice themes but the focus on us is very blur which we could not use it for our album and all the blurry shots were of the same theme (happened in few themes) so we couldn’t select any from the particular theme. We pointed out to PD Song and he explained that his lens cannot focus on one place but I don’t find it convincing as my face was blur while fiance’s face was very clear (our faces are in one place) so it doesn’t make sense that one of our faces is blurry isn’t it? The fiance also agreed with me so we were a little disappointed  because we really love some of the themes.

But looking on the bright side, since PD Song took so many different kind of themes, we still have many others to choose from and we love how the rest of the photos turned out. 🙂 It makes the selection of the photos pretty easy which we selected the photos pretty fast since we felt quite bad that PD Song has to work pretty late. PD Song was kind enough to say that we should not rush and just take our time to choose. Once everything was done, PD Song fetched us back to the subway station before we departed for our accommodation back in Insa-dong.

Overall, we enjoyed the experience even though everything was like a whirlwind and despite the communication barrier, they were really efficient in deciding the gowns and makeup best suited for us so we do not have issue on disliking what we wearing (with exception of my short gown which is not their fault since they have limited range). And we love our hanbok photos too! I wish I can steal the hanbok home!

Finally the long awaited photo shoot all done! Phew!

Here’s one of the photos we used for our RSVP website and one of our favorites: 

And the photos all looked like these when we were selecting our photos, with no photoshopping done! I think there is some auto adjustment of the lighting.  Amazing right?

Looking forward to the album which they will send over soon.

Hopefully it turned out well ❤