Bellae Illustrations: Allerleirauh

Inspiration from Allerleirauh:

Dress golden like the sun

Done in Liquitex Gold acrylic, white watercolor on paper


I must have three dresses; one as golden as the sun, one as silver as the moon, and one as shining as the stars.

– Grimm Brothers’ Fairytale, Allerleirauh


Bellae Illustrations: Marchesa Bridal Spring 2017 Inspiration

I am so loving Marchesa Bridal Spring Fashion collection this year. The dresses are so fairy-like with floral detailing as 3-D appliqués on gowns with dipping décolletage or lace embroidery. How can I not love them?

And my favorite dress out of this collection:

Trying out Boomerang video for the first time while adding glitters to the dress:

– In watercolor, acrylics and glitters


It’s Friday!  ❤

– Watercolor, Sumi Ink with photoshop


Bellae Illustrations: Back to painting

Back to painting after a long, self-deserving break 🙂


Bellaeillustrations: Happy Friday!

Using Faber Castell Polychromos and nikkoG nib with sumi ink

I’m so into tulle skirts now. 💕

Happy Friday to you!



Arabella Sketch: Dancing in Snow Globe

I saw her dancing in the snow in my mind, and I find the scene so beautiful that I decided to sketch it out. And no, I am not nuts. I was just able to imagine things in my head, and sometimes, I really thank God for giving me this gift to be able to express my thoughts on paper. But sometimes, it is hard to transfer all my imagination to paper and it can be kind of frustrating to describe in words when I am a kind of person who simply cannot explain or tell story well verbally.

Since I have been drawing her for most of my drawings, I decided to give her a name: Arabella 🙂

Arabella: Latin name which Derived from ‘orabilis’ meaning yielding to prayer. Also means beautiful, loving and graceful.

Oh yes. She is the ballerina figurine that I have been drawing in most of my illustrations. I always feel kind of happier sketching her out, imagine her dancing on paper. Such imagination!

Glimpse of my work in progress:

Sketched using Faber-Castell Singapore white colour pencil and Dr. Ph. Martin’s pen white ink with Nikko G dip pen.


And the final artwork after digitally enhanced using Photoshop:

Arabella dancing in the snow globe

Winding the key up
She rises and lift her arms
Such delicate features
Her feathery dress feels like snow
With stars sparkles in her hair
As she dances to the music

She twirls and turns
As she works her magic
Such graceful and beautiful moves
As memories start flowing out
Bringing back to good times
As she dances to the music

Her tune starting to fade
She spins a few more turns
With a smile she give a curtsey
And wait until the time is right
So that she can work her magic
To bring good memories again

TGIF. everyone! ❤


Bellae Illustrations: Cinderella Illuminating Gown

There has been quite a huge commotion over Met Gala 2016 event where Claire Danes wowed everyone with her whimsical, jaw dropping Zac Posen ball gown which actually glow in the dark!

#clairedanes #zacposen #metgala

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I also love the shade of blue when it wasn’t glowing as well. How I wish that is my wedding gown, though I don’t think I will be able to withstand the thirty battery packs under my skirt 😉

But this dress got me inspired and I decided to paint it and for the first time in my life, I also decided to try doing a small animation, all using my paints, photoshop and a mouse. Yes, I swear I am using a mouse which it was so painfully slow to begin with because I have to keep undoing the unstable mouse trails as I edit and brushed up the dress on photoshop. I should really get myself a tablet soon which I have been eyeing on Wacom. Has anyone has any other recommendation beside Wacom?

Here’s a video of my work in progress, painting the dress using Finetec Watercolors and Dr PH Martins Pen White Ink (hover over to play the video):


I really salute all animators out there. It wasn’t easy making the animation, having to create many still images/layers as well as deciding the timing in between frames.

And I am starting to miss crafting. I have so many ideas on my explosion boxes but with so many things happening in my life right now, it will be a miracle squeezing some craft time in!