Life lesson: Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light

It was great having a long hiatus away from social media. The past few months have been quite depressing and I decided that having a break away from social media and spending quality time with myself and family will be the best thing to recover mentally. I don’t usually talk about my personal life here but I would like to share some life lessons.

During the past months, a loved one got diagnosed with a rare type of cancer and has gone through stem cell therapy. Everyone in the family supported him as he undergoes chemotherapy treatments. Thankfully, he is now recovering under our care. Then another bad news hit when I decided to pluck up my courage to visit a private eye specialist last month due to my bad vision as I was having difficulty seeing well especially at night. The tests came back with the doctor diagnosing me with a rare genetic eye disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP).

I was quite thankful that le fiance was beside me, holding my hand reassuringly which gave me the strength not to break down and cry.  As explained by doctor, RP will cause retinal degeneration, and I will experience a gradual decline in my vision because  my photoreceptor cells (rods and cones) will slowly die.  She showed the images of my retina interior where some black spots can be seen which means some of my photoreceptor cells are slowly dying.

The thought of losing eyesight slowly to an invisible enemy without any known treatment or cure, I felt really helpless.  For someone who loves doing crafting and drawing, it was quite a severe blow for me.  On top of that, she also spotted early sign of cataracts which she assured me that she will monitor to prevent it from getting worse.

Having went through depression before few years back, I knew it will not do any good to everyone if I go into a depression mood so I tried lifting my spirits up and joking with le fiance that he only has  few weeks left to decide to marry me since our registry of marriage (ROM) is coming this Friday.  He held my hand tighter and said that we can overcome this together. We will be going for genetic testing together in coming October to check if he has the RP gene so that the doctor can assess the possibility of our children having it.  I am keeping my heart and fingers crossed that everything goes well for both of us.

It really helps when you have family or loved ones close by to stand by you because it gives you strength and courage to continue on. Having a positive attitude towards life irregardless of what you have been going through, will help you to cope better with the daily affairs of life. I was also thankful that my parents are the most optimistic people I know,  telling me that I should start thinking about the bright side of life and not to dwell so much on my problems.  Right now, I decided to focus my mind on our wedding preparation which will be coming next month, and till then, I will pick up my pen and brush again 🙂

One good thing out of this, my father bought me a new pair of spectacles with transition lens to protect my eyes from the sun! Quite in love with it at the moment because he chose the frame with lovely prints that really complement well when the lens turn dark. As I am first time user of transition lenses, I find it pretty cool!

I like this quote from Helen Keller who was my inspiration since young:

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.  -Helen Keller


Right now, I am walking this lonely dark path bravely, hand in hand with my best friend and partner, who will be my soon-to-be husband in two days’ time! ❤

The best thing he said to me: “I will be your eyes, so don’t worry about it.”


Credits: L studio (Korea) and Louvre Bridal (Singapore)



[Media Invite] Wed Like A K-Star Wedding Show – Achieving the Korean Bridal Look for Brides and Grooms

Le fiance and I got invited by The Louvre Bridal to attend the “Timeless Elegance Episode 3”, Korean Designer Bridal Runway show, which was hosted by W Hotel, Sentosa Cove.

At the classy interior lobby of W Hotel

Searching for a perfect dress can be most brides’ dilemma if you cannot determine the type of dress that best fitted your body shape. The silhouette, neckline and fabric of the gowns should be taken into consideration and it will be quite overwhelming if one is unsure of what she wants! Whether you’re petite, plus-sized or completely lacking curves, the right style paired with genius design details can give you the look you’ve always dreamed of. My advice for all brides and grooms to be, if you have a style or concept in mind or if you are indecisive, keep a lookout for wedding shows so that you can attend and have a feel of what is it like. Look at the gowns, the wedding photos and discuss with your partner to determine what best suit your taste and style. For us, we have always love the Korean Concept, thus we signed up with The Louvre Bridal.

Upon arrival, we were seated down just in time before the runway starts. Before that, there were talks by wedding vendors which gave expert bridal advice, planning tips and how to prep for the big day. The opening began with the cheerful K-Pop dance by the dancers which was quite a great start to the bridal runway!

The bridal runway is  a whirlwind of beautiful wedding dresses ready to suit even the most fashion-savvy brides! The dresses that came down the runway were nothing short of spectacular.

Are you ready for the gorgeous gowns and suits overload?

Being a bride and bridegroom of the Louvre Bridal, we were anticipating their gown collection since we will have to choose our outfits prior to our wedding day.

Typically, Korean wedding dresses have cuts and designs that will show off the brides’ silhouette, towards mermaid or trumpet styles. They also have other styles like princess gowns and ball gowns if you choose to opt for that too!

The elegant red trumpet dress

I am so loving this one!

Ball gown that sparkles!

To complement well with Asian skin tones, brides can opt for light pastel hues so as to achieve the perfect Korean bride look.

One of my favourite pieces! The ombre effect of blue and white was rather unique in the sense that you don’t really see these kind in coloured gowns collections here.

Korean designer gowns are usually embroidered with unique delicate lace to give off a soft romantic touch as it blends semalessly with the various materials of gowns like the beautiful beading details, the glitters as well as the delicate fabrics itself.

The delicate lace details that create a romantic silhouette for the gown

I love the heart shape back design of the gown! It gave a hint of sexiness yet elegant.

Look at how the lace embellishments complement well with the soft fabric of the gown, creating a soft and gentle look which give off the vibe of elegance.

So much focus on this back design! Look at the beautiful lace detailing which create a romantic look.

From my experience with the korean studio in my pre-wedding shoot, I noticed that they will pick accessories to the minimal with one head piece at the side. On top of that, they love to bring out the natural make-up look by picking the light shade of natural eyeshadow as well as picking out lovely shades of lip colours which are bright but not the neon color. The lip stick is also moisturizing enough to create a beautiful, healthy glowing and dewy look as shown on the models in the pictures. On top of that, individual segments of eyelashes is applied to create a natural and enlarged eye effect, instead of putting a whole strip of false eyelashes. My pre-wedding shoot MUA took quite some time to apply the lashes which I know it is not an easy application.

The natural K-bridal makeup look on the models, which create such a radiant and dewy look!

What about the grooms?

Grooms can play it up with non conventional colours such as navy or light blue ot even charming checkered suits. I like how perfectly matched of the groom’s top and bottom, as well as with their shirts together with the blazer. The accessories they don on match the colours and patterns of the unconventional suits to create the desired look.

I especially love these two outfits, which le fiance gave a nod of approval.

One of le finance’s favourites

One of my favourites. I love how the light blue blazer matched perfectly well with the navy blue shirt and sleek white pants.


Here’s the video of the whole runway, much thanks to The Louvre Bridal for the video production!

With The Louvre Bridal, Fion and Rebecca.

Ending with my favourite photo of the day:

The beautiful and handsome models that grace the show

I always love looking at the backstage group photos. ❤

If you are currently or going to plan your wedding, and prefer the Korean Style as mentioned, do not hesitate to look for The Louvre Bridal. The Louvre Bridal has been featured on The Wedding vow as one of the top 10 Bridals being listed! They are also featured in The New Paper as the trendsetter for new bridal trends. Be it pre-wedding Korean Concept photoshoots to Korea or in Singapore, or dressing up as beautiful K-bride and groom on your actual day, they offer wide range of bridal services which can customized to your needs. 🙂

To all brides and grooms-to-be out there, have fun planning your wedding and enjoy your wedding journey together! ❤

Credits to the sponsors for the event:
Makeup & Hairstyling – Eesha Ke & Team (
Flowers – Petite Fleur (
Videography – Coffee Tang from Coffee & Tea Dreamzcoffee (

Disclaimer: Some pictures are credited to The Louvre Bridal unless stated otherwise. However, content and opinions are of my own.

Pre-wedding Korea Trip: The long awaited photoshoot day

Oh yes, finally the post on our pre-wedding photo shoot in Korea! We have been waiting eagerly for a year for that! I will not be posting much photos here as I would like to keep it to minimum until after the wedding, I will just be blogging about the experience instead.

We started out very early to catch the subway train from Anguk Station so that we can reached the destination by 9 AM at Wondang Station. To be honest, we have no idea who to be expecting and all we have is just to look out for a car shown in the picture attachment that was emailed to us by Louvre Bridal. We reached on the dot but could not find the car and we were wondering if we were at the wrong entrance until a guy came up to us and asked if we are here for photo shoot. And well, the car was different from the picture so we miss it out during our quick scan of our surroundings.

He introduced himself as the photographer, PD Song, and surprisingly, he spoke good English so we were quite relieved that perhaps there will be no trouble communicating with the photographer. It turned out that he is the only photographer who can speak English, hence he was assigned to us. After a long drive, we reached L Studio and I just love the surroundings!

Everything happened so fast! The korean lady (I called her “Unnie” which is sister in korean) that was assigned to me took charge of my gown fitting and she immediately put me in a nice silky outfit before ushering me to the makeup room to have my hair and makeup done by other korean ladies. Unfortunately, there is communication barrier between the MUAs, and I could not tell them what I preferred so I gave up with a sigh and let them work their magic. Thankfully, it turned out well, though I have to tell them to work more on my eyes. Le fiance came in after a while and one of the MUA worked on him as well.

Once done, we were ushered back into the waiting room where PD Song sat us down and started explaining how he works and showing us various concepts, explaining to us the process and answered our questions. After that, Unnie brought me to choose the gowns and again, there is communication barrier. I was pretty frustrated because I couldn’t communicate much and in the end I just let her choose for me and just indicated yes or no in korean. So in the end, I only tried 3 gowns since they seem to be in a rush and didn’t have the chance to try others that caught my eye. But I am satisfied with the two long gowns that she picked out. However, I am quite disappointed with the limited varieties for short gowns and I just get the one that Unnie picked out as it seems that they were rushing for time so I didn’t get the chance to try other short gowns at all.

Gown fitting room

Same goes for le fiance. Everything was so fast that we forgotten to request for a vest which we want to have for the photoshoot! We are such slow thinkers and adapt too slow to their fast pace.

And then we got out to do our shooting! Surprisingly, it was not cold at all and the weather was pretty cooling which make the whole photo shoot enjoyable. PD Song was pretty friendly and Unnie followed us around to ensure everything was okay. So we really enjoyed ourselves though we started out being awkward before the photographer eased us into relaxed poses with his humor and showing us how he wanted us to pose.

Lunch time was getting food delivery which the delivery man came in with the metal box and we got our black bean paste noodle as well as fried rice. Food was pretty delicious!

Happy and hungry

Excited with his fried rice

Black bean paste noodle

Fried rice

And again, meal time was short before I got swept away to have my second hairdo and changing into another gown while le fiance changed into another tuxedo. We also managed to take personal photos with the dogs who star in our photoshoot! They were really lovable and pretty quiet, and they were such a pleasure to be with during our photoshoot. I was quite surprised by how well they pose for photos too!

Together with PD Song and Unnie:

Everything ended about 7PM and we ventured around the studio as we waited for PD Song to finish uploading the photos for viewing to allow us to choose photos for the album. I love most of the shots, especially the ones in our casual outfits and with animals. The beautiful backdrops greatly enhanced the photos, making them visually appealing and so cheerful! Kudos to PD Song on helping us to relax so that our poses did not look too stiff.

Unfortunately there were some really nice themes but the focus on us is very blur which we could not use it for our album and all the blurry shots were of the same theme (happened in few themes) so we couldn’t select any from the particular theme. We pointed out to PD Song and he explained that his lens cannot focus on one place but I don’t find it convincing as my face was blur while fiance’s face was very clear (our faces are in one place) so it doesn’t make sense that one of our faces is blurry isn’t it? The fiance also agreed with me so we were a little disappointed  because we really love some of the themes.

But looking on the bright side, since PD Song took so many different kind of themes, we still have many others to choose from and we love how the rest of the photos turned out. 🙂 It makes the selection of the photos pretty easy which we selected the photos pretty fast since we felt quite bad that PD Song has to work pretty late. PD Song was kind enough to say that we should not rush and just take our time to choose. Once everything was done, PD Song fetched us back to the subway station before we departed for our accommodation back in Insa-dong.

Overall, we enjoyed the experience even though everything was like a whirlwind and despite the communication barrier, they were really efficient in deciding the gowns and makeup best suited for us so we do not have issue on disliking what we wearing (with exception of my short gown which is not their fault since they have limited range). And we love our hanbok photos too! I wish I can steal the hanbok home!

Finally the long awaited photo shoot all done! Phew!

Here’s one of the photos we used for our RSVP website and one of our favorites: 

And the photos all looked like these when we were selecting our photos, with no photoshopping done! I think there is some auto adjustment of the lighting.  Amazing right?

Looking forward to the album which they will send over soon.

Hopefully it turned out well ❤



Wedding Planning Ideas: Creating your own RSVP for free


One month away from my blog and a really good break 🙂

I thought I will be those brides who chill and relax as wedding date drew nearer since I thought I have prepared most of the stuffs last year. Well, apparently not. So I got myself so busy settling the venue, coordinating with the manager, searching for ideas for my reception, and finding ways to get RSVPs in the most convenient way. After some time of googling and researching, I decided to come up with my own website of E-invitation since I am not entirely pleased with other websites templates and also, they are pretty pricey if you wish to have more than the required number of RSVPs (free edition).

So since I own wordpress account, I thought I will just create the RSVP website on my own instead. So there it goes, RSVP website using WordPress Sela theme:

My RSVP website!

PS: I erased away the date and venue to protect my own privacy.

Shall blog more about my venue (it’s a theatre by the way!) once my wedding is over. 😉

Nice anot?!

I am so proud of my own handiwork! I got my favorite color theme, insert my favorite photo and fonts. I think it is so much nicer than other websites that offer free wedding RSVP templates. Ok. I am biased to myself. 🙂

And I just love this photo shot at Korea for my wedding photoshoot by PD Song from L studio (collaboration with Louvre Bridal in Singapore)!

ALTERNATIVE: If you love this backdrop, Trick Eye Museum at Sentosa actually has this display so you can actually take a couple shot there too! 

The best thing is that WordPress has its own contact form so it is easier for guests to input their enquiries  as well. And as for the RSVP link, it links straight to my Google doc that I created where it will store all the responses into CSV sheet which you can open using Excel.

This is how the Google Doc form looks like where you can key in your questions and also choose the theme you want. Pretty easy and it is FREE too.

So this is one amazing suggestion/idea if you ever want to look for free RSVP with your own design 🙂

Now, back to my wedding planning! ❤


Calligraphy Painting: Hamda Al Fahim floral dress


Been away for 2 weeks to Korea for a photoshoot and now I am back! The picture above was one of the photos taken by PD Song from L Studio and I was so impressed with the makeup team and the photographer for creating such beautiful picture and memory for the fiance and I. And it is not photoshopped at all. 🙂 Perhaps I shall blog more about my experience in near future when I get the rest of the photos back which could take months, unfortunately.

Overall, I am really impressed with my make up! I am not an expert in the beauty field so imagine my amazement when they transformed a geeky me to a feminine me. Even the fiance loves my no-spectacle look. Anyone willing to teach me the secrets to eye makeup? 😉

On the side note, I am back with another sketch which was inspired after falling in love with one of Hamda Al Fahim’s dresses.

Very pretty colours, isn’t it? ❤


Calligraphy Painting: Ideal wedding dress!

Saw this dress on Instagram by @tonychaayaofficial  and loving it! I just fell in love with those tiny little floral details. I hope my bridal studio has something like this when the time for gown choosing comes.

Not able to have it so I decided to paint it 😉 :

  • -Watercolor and Sumi Ink on paper




Calligraphy Painting: Dream wedding dress

Wedding date drawing near, and I used to think I wouldn’t care about the gown I will be wearing on my wedding day. Now I am kind of wish that I can design my own wedding dress and wear it on my wedding day!

My bridal studio has limited collections as they explained they will change collections to ensure fresh change of designs and so far, I haven’t seen a dress that I like yet. I was already a little regretful because my friends were commenting why I never try the gowns before signing the package since they did that too. But I explained to them that probably different studios have their own rules so some studios do not actually allow trying of gowns before signing.

Oh well! Still, there are 8 more months to go! Maybe there might be a beautiful gown waiting for me when the time comes? 🙂

Spent the night designing this dress :

I come to like painting on black background. It just makes everything look so classy and elegant, as well as making the colors stand out!

I love glitters. So this dress actually has a transparent outer layer where it is filled with lovely glitters, and on the toga as well! Very much like Frozen Elsa’s costume which I fell insanely in love while watching the movie. And of course, blue again! 😉

Thanks for looking!