Pre-wedding Korea Trip: Day 2 -Gyeongbokgung Palace & Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

First thing in morning was to grab some wrapped food from the convenience stall as we want to head out early to the Gyeongbokgung Palace before 10Am, just in time for the guard changing ceremony.

OMG…look at the crowd!

It was pretty easy to go there by subway to either Gyeongbokgung Exit 5 (Line 3) or Gwanghwamun Exit 2 (Line 5).

The guard changing ceremony:

The palace is just a beautiful place! Pictures always speak a thousand words!

I am quite intrigued by this, Not sure how it works

I saw this sun dial looking thing and I was trying to figure out the characters on the dial itself to see if I can make sense of it. Unfortunately, I am still as clueless as now.

The gardens are beautiful enough to give a nice backdrop:

We headed out of the palace to walk around the park nearby as le fiance was quite interested in flowers. He is more of a flower person than I am and kept taking pictures of the flowers while I wandered aimlessly around to read up the history of Korea and description of the statues that were located at the park itself.

It was nearly 11am when we decided to start walking to our planned lunch venue which is the famous Tosokchon (토속촌)! I am pretty kiasu so I want to go there earlier to avoid the lunch queue so we reached there about 11.30Am with no queue in sight. It was quite hilarious because we keep finding our way by expecting to see a long queue when we actually walked past it. If you are coming by subway, you can get off at Gyeongbokgung station Exit 2 (Line 3) and Walk straight about 200m before turning left onto Jahamun-ro 5-gil Road. Tosokchon will be just ahead on the left.

We ordered just the normal Ginseng chicken for both of us. And quite disappointingly, we did not feel any “wow” factor and we were wondering why is it so expensive yet so bland. After we came back to Singapore, a friend mentioned that we supposed to pour ginseng wine into the soup so that it will be delicious.

The two cups of ginseng wine that we totally missed out!

But we don’t remember any wine given to us so we looked back at the photo…to our horror, there were 2 cups of wine! We didn’t even drink it! URGH…the agony! The waitress didn’t mentioned anything either 😦 So according to my friend’s advice, pour the wine in the soup!

Next stop is to look for cherry blossoms! We went a week later than the blooming week so most of the trees were quite bare. Hence, we decided to try going to Yeongdeungpo Yeouido spring flower festival which is near National Assembly subway (Line 9) where we walked one round around the National Assembly Building.

Thankfully, there were rows of cherry blossoms that were still at their peak! Along the route, we enjoy the scenery and take pictures mainly. There are some hardcore photographers who will actually shake the tree branches to bring the petals down while taking pictures/videos too! Food pushcarts were also quite common, selling mostly the same varieties.

He loved cuttlefish so we got 2 which sold 2 for 5000 won. Bad choice as the cuttlefish was too hard and tasteless for our liking and pretty pricey for that kind of quality. As I was still sick, I was banned from getting other food as most are fried so we just walk around slowly until we reach the end of the route.

Next stop in the evening was to stop at Namdaemun Market which is at Hoehyeon Station Exit 5 (Line 4). Well, we were quite disappointed because it was nothing much to see and since we were not much of a shopper, we just scroll around quickly and bought some bread for next day photo shoot snack (which taste horrible and had to throw away the rest). We headed back early to rest after dinner, which was just simple ramen at a stall near our accommodation, since we have to wake up early to head to the venue at Wondong to meet the photographer.

Day 3 will be the photo shoot day which I am so tempted to wait until after my wedding to blog about it because I didn’t want to show wedding photos as spoilers. I’ll probably change my mind and blog it on my next korea post, but will only show those that will not appear in my album. I shall see how it goes!

One last picture before calling a day:

I love this scenery!


Much loves ❤


DInner of the day: Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant @ Orchard Ion

I went to meet up with my ex-colleagues which I met from my previous part-time job at a furnishing company, and one of them suggested eating at Watami at ION as she mentioned the food served there was good! It has been a while since I last met them (a year ago?) and was absolutely thrilled to meet them again and talked about the old times ad catch up on each other’s lives. 🙂

At Watami, we decided on having a set meal for 2 pax instead as my friend mentioned that the meal served was actually really filling and she was sure that it will fill up all three of us, so we agreed on that!

The menu from WATAMI

We chose the $59 set meal. Initially, I thought it wouldn’t be that much as the pictures look like the serving is small. Boy! I was wrong! As the food came one by one, we were starting to worry that we may not even be able to finish it, let alone two people!

The first dish served was the Kankoku Butechige (Korean-style Army Hot Pot) with Udon. I have never tried Army stew before, and it puzzled me that this Korean dish was actually served in a Japanese restaurant!

Uncooked food waiting to be stirred and cooked in the hot pot

Food cooked and ready to be eaten!

Not forgetting the udon

You have the option to choose between udon or rice when served with the army stew. Since we have already ordered rice for other dish, we choose udon instead. The combination of the Kankoku Butechige and udon was great, where you can slurp the udon with the soup. However, the downside is that I find the soup quite bland, which kind of disappointing because I have always see army stew in korean shows where the dish looks so delicious! Since this is my first try and taste of the dish, perhaps I will try other places that serve army stew to see if it is suppose to be bland and compare from there.

Obihiro Meibutsu Ishiyaki Buta Don

Next dish served is actually a new dish which Watami has come up with: Obihiro Meibutsu Ishiyaki Buta Don which means Pork Neck rice in stone pot. So far, I find the meat texture average, not so hard, not so soft either. But the marination of the meat was good. If not for the sauce and the mixing of the rice, I might have abandoned this dish totally.

Chicken Katsu Tamago Toji

This is the best dish of all! I love the texture of the chicken and the crispness when you bite into it. Mixing together with the tamago (egg), the combination of the two was heavenly. A big thumb up for this one! I am one big sucker for chicken katsu topped with tamago, especially when the texture of the egg is so fluffy and soft, oozing a little with the white and yolk. So I am really very pleased with this dish!


Caesar Salad (Hot spring egg and pork bacon)

After feasting on all the meat, this is the dish I would like to see to “kill” off my guilt for eating so sinfully. I like the salad overall. Not a very fantastic and extremely delicious, but the dressing tasted good, together with the crispy bacon and lettuce. The crumbs were y favorite, and I wish that they add more crumbs instead of just a few miserable pieces.


Carpaccio 3-shu Moriawase

And finally my favorite dish which is the sashimi! Carpaccio 3-shu Moriawase means assorted Sashimi Carpaccio, and it was said that the dish will always be different subjected to seasonal availability. The sashimi were all presented very nicely on the plate topped with the sauce which increase my appetite every time I take a glance at them while gobbling down the chicken katsu. So far, I like the sashimi together with the sauce, which was really delicious 😀


❤ ❤ ❤

Spend the most enjoyable dinner with the two girls who never fail to make me laugh and making my previous job so enjoyable! ❤

Rating:  4/5

Watami Japanese Restaurant
2 Orchard Turn
#B3-23 ION Orchard

Non-Craft week: Sushi Tei @ Vivo City

I decided to take a break from crafting as I have been crafting furiously for the past weeks due to explosion cards orders. So, last weekend, I decided to eat some good food!

*  *  *

Another favorite Japanese restaurant of mine is Sushi Tei @ Vivo. Over the weekend, I had to mail out some orders at the post office and BB had to collect something from Vivo so we decided to dine at Sushi Tei for lunch since it is one of our favorite restaurants to date.

The first thing we ordered is our all-time favorite which is the Golden Roll! It is king prawn sushi roll topped with mango. We never fail to order that everytime we visit because it was really so delicious!

King Prawn Roll

You can really savor the prawn meat amist the sushi and the mango, biting the crunchiness of it and making go “Hmmm!”. The mango was also really good, and when you dip the whole sushi into the soy sauce and wasabi, you can feel the sharp taste of wasabi together with the sushi…I like it! Many people doesn’t like the wasabi taste so they wouldn’t agree with me but I love wasabi so much that I need to eat it with sushi everytime 🙂

We also ordered Chuka Iidako (Seasoned Baby Octopus) because it was his mother’s favorite dish. They taste alright, it will be great if they add more sauce to it as I prefer a much more flavorful taste of the sauce with the octopus.

Baby Octopus

I have been craving for Unagi Don since last week, and decided to order Una Tama Don (Eel topped with egg on rice) when BB’s mother pointed to the picture of Unagi Hitsumabushi (eel on rice) and exclaimed that it looked good. I was curious with the description when it said “3 ways of eating” so both his mother and I ordered that while BB ordered Una Tama Don.

Unagi Hitsumabushi

Come together with a pot of fish stock soup

Unagi Hitsumabushi (eel on rice)

They looked good isn’t it? My dish’s unagi was already deboned and filleted, and the sauce was poured over it…noticed the vibrant colors! It is enough to make anyone drool! Apparently the three ways of eating (from my understanding from the waitress) means:

  1. Scoop out the rice with unagi and eat it as it is
  2. Put spring onion and seaweeds onto your rice and eat it
  3. Pour the dashi soup (fish soup) over the rice and eat it

At the first bite, the unagi tasted so soft and delicate! Absolutely yummy! His mother also agreed with me.

BB’s dish (Una Tama Don) was the usual eel topped with egg, and his eel wasn’t deboned at all as there were so many bones when I took one bite of it. It will be great that the chef deboned it though. But overall, the egg was very fluffy and soft, so the combination of the unagi and egg was great.

Una Tama Don

Lunch was excellent overall!

We went to stroll around the mall before sending his mother off home. After which, BB lied that he needed to buy something from Daiso and we walked up to the level before he gently pushed me to the Sentosa’s entrance to take the train to Sentosa (much to my confusion).

It turned out that he bought two tickets to the Wings of Time online! It is a new extravaganza in replacement of the Songs of the Sea, and to be honest, I totally never heard of it until he brought me there. But I will stop here for now and update this with the next post!


Much loves ❤

Sushi Tei
1 Harbour Front Walk
#02-152/153 VivoCity
Singapore 098585

Operating Hours: