Wedding Inspiration: Rustic Gold Cotton Theme

I love weddings. It is always an happy occasion where the bride and groom share their love and joy with everybody, saying their vows together and celebrate together. The painstaking effort that they put in to ensure their wedding is a success! While celebrating their joy, one will not help noticing the beautiful decor surroundings, filled with flowers and vivid colors that heightened excitement and joy in the atmosphere. And I just love looking at those decorations, taking note of how beautifully it was arranged.

So when my fiance’s sister,SH, asked for our help in decorating her album table and ang pow box for her December wedding last year, we immediately agreed and keeping to her low budget, the boy and I spent the time sourcing for items and coordinating with the florist for her table bouquet. As she loves cotton flowers, I immediately imagine a rustic gold cotton theme which suits her perfectly. As she prefers simplicity, we did not over decorate the table and keeping it simple, needlessly to say, both the bride and the groom were satisfied with the results we put in!

*  *  *

We actually DIY the Ang Pow Box as SH wanted the box which she saw at IKEA and asked me for help in decorating the box. Since I decided to go for rustic theme, I designed their names and the layout of the box before enlisting my fiance’s help in looking for the suitable items that I have in mind.

Thanks so much to the boy who exercised so much patience when I dragged him everywhere to look for the stuffs!

DIY Ang Pow Box

Up close of the ang pow box

So this is how the Ang Pow box turned out!

Going for the simplicity, I decided to tie the purple ribbon around the box before adding the cotton flowers to give a rustic look. And then, I just add the sweet smelling dried flowers into the box to give a nice rustic effect. The boy helped with the cotton flower arrangement for the box and it turned out beautifully!

Now come to the best part which is the arrangement of the flower bouquet as well as DIY-ing decorations!

I liaised with the florist, telling him the arrangement of the flowers that I preferred and he was so nice to even bundle the flowers using silver satin! He was also extremely helpful in giving me suggestions when the flowers I wanted was out of stock! I got a fake branches from him as well, and brought home to DIY the potted tree after coming to the agreement for the table bouquet arrangement. And luckily, since it was near Christmas, IKEA has many beautiful decorations which we bought for SH’s wedding!

So this is how the whole table layout turns out:

The table bouquet that we spend so much effort in designing the arrangement! The bride loves it to bits that she kept it as dried bouquet for her house.

I actually DIY the twine vase and bottle by wrapping around the vase and bottle using twine. Can you believe that the bottle was actually a recycled make-up bottle? 🙂

The cotton flowers were used as leftovers after most flowers were used for the table bouquet. The small little fluffy leaves you saw, we got it from Taobao. The gold beads used were bought from IKEA. We bought the pebbles from the florist to add them into the vase on top of the sponge (where we poke the fake branches in to make it looked like a tree) to give a nice pebbled look for the tree. We just love how it turned out! The fairy lights was provided by SH’s husband 🙂

Wine glasses with gold beads

This is one of our favorites! We borrowed the wine glasses from the hotel, and put the gold beads in, arranged with fairylights.

After which, we arranged the photo frames of the sweet couple!

And there it is, ready for the admiration of the guests as they flipped through the album!

Photos credited to Teo Sze Lee from A Little Moment Photography who took such awesome photos!

Much Thanks for the couple’s permission to use their photos for my blog 🙂

 *  *  *

We managed to keep everything within the budget, which cost us less than $200 for both the decorations and the box!

So I hope this will serves as an inspiration to brides and grooms-to-be, who are on a budget.

So how we do it?

Try to source for good and affordable materials and think of ways to DIY instead of getting firsthand!

I was actually looking around for the bare tree with vase and it was insanely expensive at the minimum price of $100! And it only costs me less than $20 to make everything from getting a vase to making it into a bare tree vase decoration.

As for flower arrangement, if you have an eye for colors, do your own arrangement instead of getting the florist to do everything for you. In that way, you can decide on the flowers to go with it while watching your budget and still getting the desirable results. Visit your neighboring florists instead of going to expensive florists at mall if you have a specific flower arrangement in mind. The florist will be be able to advise you on the costs since he has contact from many suppliers. I visited my florist which is just few minutes away from my house!

First it is convenient to settle many things as you will have things to carry back and forth and you can easily get the flowers a day before the wedding. I have listed down his shop address, so whoever stays in Tampines, you can look for him there 🙂 He and his wife are really helpful and friendly! He doesn’t have a shop name sign board but you can just google for the picture.

The cotton flowers that we used to decorate the table and ang pow box were actually leftovers from the making of the table bouquet arrangement so we actually save up as cotton flowers are not cheap in the first place.

 And the whole DIY process can be tiring but fulfilling 🙂

And a special thanks to the couple for letting me to be part of their wedding preparations as I enjoyed the whole process with the fiance as well as with the couple! ❤


Supplies we obtained from:

  • Cotton flower bouquet, sponge and fake tree branches from:
    Wee Lee Nursery & Florist
    826 Tampines Street 81, Singapore 520826
    6786 3201
  • Vases, gold beads, dried flowers and ang pow box from: IKEA
  • Ribbons and Gold cloth (for the bare tree vase) from Joo Chiat plaza
  • Fairylights : Borrowed from SH’s husband
  • Other small fake flowers: Taobao
  • Dried flowers: Daiso
  • Wine glasses and table cloth: provided by Hotel (Ritz Carlton)



Home Design Inspiration – Loving Whites

As the BTO completion drew nearer after waiting for almost 4 years, suddenly, I got a slight pang of anxiety regarding the interior design. With our tight budget constraints, people around me suggest hiring renovation contractors instead of interior designers but it is easier said than done!

Putting my worry aside, I finally be able to sit down and start browsing through some ideas to add to my mood board after months of being busying myself planning for my own wedding and taking a good recent vacation break away to Cairns.

So this post, I decided to show one of my favorite mood board which is shades of whites! I just love the bright and airy feel of homes, don’t you?

Mood Board: 

 photo PhotoGrid_1450425974740_zpsmjp5mnfk.jpg

Mood Board – Whites


And here’s some inspirations that I have handpicked 5 projects from Interior Design Singapore, which implements whites beautifully!

* * *

  1. HDB 4-Room Unique Black And White Design – By De Style

Complicated but stunning, that’s what i thought when I see this. I love unique features like the texture wall with contrasting black and white colors. Very unique style to go for it!

2. Experiment with Colours for a Stunning Look – By Image Creative

Beside neutral tones, how about adding a hint of metallic colors like metallic pillows to add some personality to it? Love it!

3. All White Modern Colonial At Eight Courtyards – By Vegas Interior Design

If you notice that in my mood board, I like to choose colours on accessories and furnishings and leave the rest of the room in white.

Here, the designer adds colors through furinishings and decorative elements which give help to give some life to the white surroundings. With many interesting elements thrown in, it creates such cosy environment without looking very plain and dull.

4. HDB BTO Contemporary All White At Blk 88 Skyville @ Dawson – By DC Visions Design

dc vision contemporary all white kitchen

How about a white kitchen with some wood element?

I have never like seeing handles poking out of the cabinets so this is one plus point for me as it makes the whole kitchen looks very sophiscated and sleek by implementing the touch and push drawers to the cabinets.

dc vision contemporary all white master bedroom

Same goes for the bedroom. I just love how this bedroom is designed! Complicated design of accessories (frame), followed by neutral tones of the rug and curtains incorporated into the whites, I will prefer this to be my favorite hang out 🙂

5. HDB 5-Room White With Woody Walls At Bedok Central – By Weiken

This project is one of my favorites that I have bookmarked into my list.

weiken white and wood living area

weiken white and wood living area 1

Look at the lights! I have a thing for unique lighting fixtures and this attracted me as it added big “attractiveness” factor to the whole living room. A perfect contrast between the wooden elements and the white furnishings, this living room received much love from me!

* * *

Disclaimer: All pictures are taken from Interior Design Singapore unless stated otherwise. However, content and opinions are of my own.

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Interior Design Inspiration: Getting close to nature – Wood themes

As our BTO completion date is drawing near, the search for inspirations for our house still continue! The boy and I have great fascination with wood themes as we love the texture and look of it because it feels so homely and comforting.

Have you ever consider implementing wood themes into your homes? Wood is an extremely versatile material which can bring such warmth and being visually appealing to the eye. It is a great way to add comfort and create a proper home atmosphere.

Here, I have handpicked 3 projects which caught my eye and would love to share with you too!

(Note: The rankings are not in order.)

1. Project by  Inzz Studio Pte Ltd:

I am not the kind of person who likes many things in one room, but this project was an exception because it creates such dark and luxurious feel, with so many eye catching details. It does not feel as cluttered and I can imagine the comfort of lounging on the sofa, with my glass of red wine in my hand.  The wood theme here has inspired warmth and it feels like I will never want to leave the room!

Living room

Love the bedroom with the white walls and light brown wood wardrobe. It creates such a cheerful atmosphere which can really motivates one to work/study better. Adding a touch of beautiful wood decor like the one in the picture (wood board) can also help to create unique room in rustic style too.


2. Project by HomeVista Pte Ltd:

Here, one can see how well wood effortlessly blended together the rest of the interior design like the furnishings, draperies and rug carpet. With the right choice of color scheme and furnishing, you will be able to see how wood can help to add texture and create a beautiful and visually appealing environment for a home!

Living room – Styled by Home Vista

I just love the wooden floorboard which match perfectly in contrast with the dark walls and bed board. It gives a lovely comforting ambience which is important to have in a bedroom since you will relax and sleep at the end of the day.

Bedroom – Styled by Home Vista

Project by De Style Interior Pte Ltd:

This project caught my eyes due to its contrasting white walls against wood finishing. The white walls helps to add light and space while the brown, wood finishing of of the kitchen bring about warmth and coziness.

Kitchen – Styled by De Style

I just love how De Style comes up with this open concept kitchen! It creates a spacious look while looking chic and classy at the same time. It reminded me of cozy cafe where one can sit there to relax and chill while drinking coffee and reading newspaper in early morning.

Open concept kitchen – styled by De Style

I am always particular about having a beautiful washroom and this is one of the few projects which I immediately bookmarked. I just love the how they come up with this design! With the false ceiling lights to the colors used, I just cannot describe how much I like it!

Washroom – Styled by De Style

*  *  *

Wood always never go out of style. It will be one of the smart way to invest in high quality wood for your home design!

Disclaimer: All pictures are taken from Interior Design Singapore unless stated otherwise. However, content and opinions are of my own.

NOTE: This post is also re-posted to : Interior Design Singapore Website

Home Design Inspiration: Using glass elements to style your home

I have a big fondness for glass. Glass wall, glass panels, glass table, marble floor…with endless possibilities of implementing glass elements into the interior designs, it is so easy to style and create a luxurious and beautiful home, giving a light and airy feel. Addition of glass walls or dividers can help to allow more natural light into the room which can create a lighter atmosphere and visually enhancing the space in the room. On top of that, adding glass furnishings can help to create a uncluttered feel due to their transparent lines which can prevent interruption of the eye and causes it to perceive a less cluttered space.

Here, I have handpicked 5 of my favorite home ideas from Interior Design Singapore, which implement glass elements, that create such spacious and stylish home designs.

(Note: The rankings are not in order.)

1. Project by Vegas Interior Design Pte Ltd

Credited to Vegas Interior Design Pte Ltd

Credited to Vegas Interior Design Pte Ltd

I love how the glass wall beside the dining table actually helps to make the whole living room look very spacious. With the addition of the plant decorations and beautiful light decorations, it certainly helps to brighten up the room, reflecting the whole environment. The use of light tone color also help in creating a vibrant and comfy environment, a great place for relaxation after a long tiring day.

2. Project by Inzz Studio

Credited to Inzz Studio

Credited to Inzz Studio

Glass designs are very versatile. If you want to go for darker tone instead, it is still possible to implement glass elements as well. The key importance is to provide as much lighting as possible to ensure that it will not be dark and gloomy. I love how this project make use of light decorations like the false wall lighting, and bold patten wall (behind the television) to create lovely decorative accents to pair with the glass wall, making the whole room looking so classy and luxurious.

3. Project by Vegas Interior Design

Credited to Vegas Interior Design

Credited to Vegas Interior Design

I love how the designer actually implement glass and mirrors almost everywhere here while maintaining the simplicity theme. From the mirror on the wall to the glass dividers and glass furnishings, it certainly bring the whole room into top notch, creating a rich feel, despite such a simple and monochromatic design.

4. Project by AX image Design Studio

Credited to AX image Design Studio

Credited to AX image Design Studio

How about creating a “spacious and open” kitchen concept? Glass walls are great substitute if you are looking for an “open” concept kitchen but yet still prefer a close environment to keep the cooking smell within the kitchen. This project demonstrated how glass door and partial glass panel can be implemented, paired with partial brick accent wall to create a neat and stylish look. Adding the clear glass panels helps to create illusion of space, as well as allowing natural light to come in. Want some privacy? Add partial walls like how the designer add the partial brick wall to the design.

5.  Project by Designscale Pte Ltd

Credited to Designscale Pte Ltd

Another “open” concept kitchen design example using glass door and panels where the designer insert full panels instead of partial panels as seen from the previous example. This helps to create an even more spacious kitchen, allowing more natural light in which can visually enlarge a small kitchen. By using glass instead of walls, you can help to create an open kitchen while keeping the smoke from the cooking within the kitchen.


Disclaimer: All pictures are taken from Interior Design Singapore unless stated otherwise. However, content and opinions are of my own.

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Mixed Media Canvas Inspiration: Big Shot Party @ Made With Love

Hello! I am back with another inspiration, this time it was done at Made With Love Big Shot Party with a friend. We had a blast! I have been so busy lately with my full time job that I was grateful for my friend who actually book a slot for me once they opened the slots and I didn’t even know about it until she excitedly sms me and asked if I am interested to join her since she booked two places. 🙂 And of course, I agree since I haven’t got the time to do some crafting myself at home so this will be a lovely break for me to make something.

Meanwhile, Party Time Tuesdays (PTT) challenge “Always Anything Goes” is still on going where you can create any project using any products you have on hand and link your project onto PTT’s blog before the deadline and you will get a chance to win some prizes from our sponsor. Thank you for those who have participated in our March Challenge, we have such an overwhelming responses and amazing creations from all our readers! Congratulation to our lucky winner!

Now, as usual, the challenge will still be “Always Anything Goes” and our this month’s sponsor will be Crafter’s Companion! So get crafting and link up your work to our PPT’s blog and you will get the chance to win some products from Crafter’s Companion!

Here’s one inspiration from me to get you started:

Mixed media Canvas project

One thing I like about joining Big Shot Party at Made With Love(MWL) is that you get to learn new techniques and equipments from Aida,  a talented mixed media enthusiast who is a Design Team member from Sizzix. So we first started out with a blank canvas where I will give it a blue base coating using acrylic paint before adding some nice purple color (Ranger brand) at the corners. My apologies that I could not remember the specific color though.

The frame was cut out using die cut, before painting it with blue acrylic and embossing the words with clear embossing powder. After which I added the “beehive” looking die cut paper (provided by MWL) behind the frame (colored using Tim Holtz distressed inks) before adding foam tape and pasting over a patterned card stock.

Frame die cut and embossed

Next is the cutting out of the butterfly using die cut and embossing the lovely butterfly to create some nice wing pattern before adding spray mist and red and yellow distress inks to create a lovely ombre color. I personally love my butterfly artpiece 😉 Stacey, another MWL staff, helped to add the crystals and metal embellishments.

Butterfly embelishment

The wording was stamped using Archival ink of brown to create a nice distress look. Yellow distress ink was used to create the background. The paper was actually tri-folded which can be opened to reveal a long paper where one can write a personal note in it.

Moving on, I also shadow embossed “Lucky” onto a paper before cutting out and creating the lovely shade of red using distress ink and finalizing the word with some beautiful glitter using Sticklers.

Shadow embossed “lucky”

Flower was also die cut (provided by the staffs), with the floral swirls by using the burlap and plastic to die cut out the shapes and layering them to create a nice flower embellishment. I added my own metal embellishment and rhinestone back at home for a finishing look.

Layered flower

And the final outcome:

Mixed Media Canvas, with mini card

I just love how it turned out! ❤

*   *   *

I hope this served as an inspiration for you to start cracking and enter your entry.

Can’t wait to see all your lovely entries!


Home Design Inspiration: Minimalism – Living with Less

I love minimalist designs. Living in such a busy and expensive city, I always feel the need to escape the distractions, noise and clutter in order to feel relaxed and comforted…and that is living in an uncluttered and simple enviornment. Too much clutters bring too much distraction and they do not bring you joy.

Minimalism is all about the art of living with less, with the theory of “Less is More”. By keeping only the essential elements, what you choose to have is vital. Get decorations that are simple in form and function, yet there is a touch of elegance and sophisticated feel.

Minimalism is king of clutter free homes. There are no ifs and buts about minimalism; it is great space united with interesting furniture and is a style born from Japanese interior design where everything is reduced to only its necessary elements.  –Interior Designipedia


“Less is more” theory does not necessarily means that you have to go budget on your furnishings and accessories. It is more on creating a comforting space while maintaining a perfect minimal and visually interesting modern interior. Here, I decided to feature 2 projects from Interior Design Singapore website as I love how the designers implemented minimalist designs to the homes. These two will go into my favorite bookmark list for future references when I get my new house. 🙂

*  *  *

1. Minimalist Design Giving A Spacious Feel – Interior Design Pte Ltd

I have no idea what type of housing it is, but putting that aside, I am quite impressed with the design of the living room.

Living room – Floating shelves are always the choice for minimalist design

Reading room

The whole room


Going for minimalist designs do not have to be just black and white in an almost sterile fashion. That will be so boring and plain. Here, the grey added sleek sophistication to the living room, making it look classy and modern. Pairing black floating shelves with the classy white and grey interiors make an excellent combination. Going to the reading room, the neutral background highlighted the colorful accents in ease, allowing the bright color to stand out and create a “pop” look.

Spanning out, the simplicity and minimalist-themed created such a dashing room, a showstopper which will turns heads, and of course, a great conversation-starter! 😉


2. HDB 4-Room BTO Minimalist Charm @ Anchorvale – Urban Habitat

This project caught my eye because of the wonderfully designed kitchen and the bedroom.


Creating a minimalist-themed kitchen can make it looks elegant with clutter-free decor. With the addition of the bar top and simple cabinets with false wall lighting, these help to add more style and elegance to the kitchen design. Throw in neutral colors with a hint of black works best in creating a striking look of minimalist style.


Have a well designed bedroom is very important as this is where you will relax and sleep. When choosing the right furnishings, bed and decorations, it is important to consider the color used for the room. The best effect for creating minimalist styled bedroom will be white or cream shade. You can also add in a little colour like grey for instance (e.g. blanket) and patterns (e.g. cupboards and pillow) to add simple but interesting details which helps to add in a touch of personality. This will create a serene and comforting place. Too much whites with no personality touch to it will make the room looks cold and uninviting.

*   *   *

If you are the kind of person who love to have a clean, simple and uncluttered home, how about implementing the “Less is More” approach to your home? With the minimalist style approach, you can create your dream home with such chic and classy interiors!

Disclaimer: All pictures are taken from Interior Design Singapore unless stated otherwise. However, content and opinions are of my own.

NOTE: This post is also re-posted to : Interior Design Singapore Website

Home Design Inspiration: Implementing textures to enhance your design concept

I am always very awed and fascinated with textures. Even in cardmaking, I would love to give my papers some texture by embossing them. So when I came across this project which implements texture concept, designed by Design Chapterz Pte Ltd, I decided to bookmark it for future reference and of course, to share it with my readers!

4-Room BTO Flat – Resort Style Concept

Living room/Dining room

I love the living/dining area design look due to the neutral and white colours with textured feel which give a very stylish appearance. Creating extra dimension for your walls help to provide unique look to the whole outlook without making it look plain and boring. It will also create visual’s interest, inviting one’s eye to stop and notice the interesting texture. In addition, having such walls are very versatile which can be suitable for many interior styles and interior decor items. So always try to go for textured wall to create stunning and classy home interior! Do be careful of how you will be pairing your walls with furnishings because sometimes, the combination of the two may clash horribly and it will not look as great as you imagine it to be.


I just love the bedroom! The textured wall gave an appealing look to the whole room, when combined with the brown and grey tones, creating a striking and modern look to the room. Choosing the right upholstery fabric based on patterns, style, colours and setting is also needed to be taken into consideration. Here, warm grey and brown tones  with contrasting patterns were implemented which paired beautifully with the false wall panel lighting and textured wall to give a modern and resort-style look.  This room will be a great place to re-wind and destress, which serve the purpose!


Alternatively, you can also use wallpapers or faux paint to create the “textured” look. Take the kitchen for example. The cabinets were “faux painted” to give a wood textured look which can give your kitchen a boost in style and transform your home’s surface into visually stunning décor.

I like how the designers make proper use of the textures and colours  to create a visually appealing and inviting space to live in. Don’t you?


Disclaimer: All pictures are taken from Interior Design Singapore unless stated otherwise. However, content and opinions are of my own.