Pre-wedding Korea Trip: Day 1 – Arriving at Seoul (Insa-Dong)

We started planning for Korea trip since last year in preparation for our pre-wedding shoot in Seoul and finally, we visited Korea for the first time in early April – the start of spring season! And yes, this post is way long overdue, so I will have to do some mind refreshing.

Day 1 – Arrival at Seoul, Accommodation in Insa-Dong

I shall skip all the usual ramblings of going through the departure from Singapore (Morning flight) to the arrival in Incheon Airport (Late afternoon). And we skip the hassle of looking for SIM card in Korea because we have settled that in Singapore by purchasing the SIM card for SGD$45 from Changi Airport and le fiance fixed it into his phone during the flight.

We actually book Airbnb accommodation in Insa-dong because first, I love artsy stuffs and second, Anguk subway station is in the same line as the Wondang station where we supposed to meet our studio photographer. The Airbnb was also conveniently located right in front of the Airport bus bus stop! Thanks to my brilliant planning, we didn’t have to pull our luggage around and looking for direction. Talk about time saving!

We didn’t manage to take nice pictures as we were pretty tired and we just dump our things around. But the pictures shown in the Airbnb’s website (Choi’s INVADING #2) are exactly the same as how we experienced firsthand so you can be assured that the room’s features are exactly the same as shown in photos 🙂 I never managed to meet the host but she was very quick in replying my sms via whatsapp before and after my arrival to Korea. So thumb up for that!

The best thing about the host is that she will also come up with directions on how to go to her place so that is how we know of taking Airport Bus (which cost 10,000 won per pax), or else we will be lugging our luggages around in subway in the peak hours. She also gave a list of food recommendations around her area so this was pretty helpful for us since it was our first time to Korea with limited korean language knowledge.

As it was already evening by the time we reach our accommodation, we wasted no time looking for food. Our Airbnb was located about 5 minutes walk from Ssamziegil (쌈지길). Ssamziegil is a shopping center located on the famous Insa-dong street, which housed many stores and cafes. I like the building’s architecture in a way that their 4 levels are connected with a spiral walkway.

Such unique displays!

We explored a little and found a small restuarant tucked in the quiet corner of the alley. I was pretty unwell before the flight and was feeling quite sick, so I was craving for something soupy and hot.  We just went ahead in without bothering to care whether their food was good.  But their menu looked good!

I ordered Soybean Paste soup (6000 won) which I was craving for while le fiance ordered Broiled Octopus Bibimbap (7,000 won).

Soybean paste soup

Broiled Octopus Bibimbap

I must say, the soybean paste soup was a heavenly dish for a sick person like me who was down with a bad throat and “chronic” coughing. It was not at all bland and non-spicy, the ingredients used was quite abundant! Le fiance kept stealing spoonfuls from my bowl and commenting that the soup tasted real good!

His broiled octopus bibimbap was pretty average for me, probably because I don’t have my normal sense of smell and taste since I was sick. But the boy said that it was pretty good but spicy, and still, he preferred my soup over his.

Sadly, we forgot to take picture of the restaurant though! All I know was that it was located right at the small corner, kind of isolated.

I was banned from eating street food by le fiance though, so we just wandered aimlessly around for awhile before heading back to our accommodation so that I can have a good rest early. I was feeling quite apologetic to him because I was not in a photographing mood, and I keep wanting to go back to the accommodation to sleep. But I was feeling thankful for his patience to cater to my needs. Great husband material 😉

Picture of the day:

I freaking love this picture!

We were actually walking along Insa-Dong alley at Ssamziegil in search for food and he suddenly asked me to turn around and snapped my picture. I love the backdrop! ❤



Day 3 @ Cairns- Kuranda Full Day Tour

I was actually looking forward to this tour! As usual, there was pickup transfer arranged by the tour agency which drove us to Kuranda. Kuranda is well known as the Village in Rainforest and is located just 25Km northeast of Cairns.

*  *  *

Our first stop is at Tjapukai Cultural Park, where we were introduced to a show where performers will perform and demonstrated their culture which gave us insights on the authentic culture and traditions of the locak Djabugay people who had lived in the rainforest around Kuranda for tens of thousands of years.

Exhibition of their cultural pieces and artworks

Talk on the culture


After the show, we walked around the cultural village, learning how they use various of weapons for hunting, how they cook their food and how they make their own medicines. I especially enjoy their bush food and medicine presentation as well as the boomerang and spear throwing!

Cooking their own food:

Bush food and medicine demonstration:

There are vast selection of nuts, fruits and seeds where the man explained how the toxins are removed before consuming, and how they use the bush food for medicinal purposes. They even displayed termite nest where they will grind up and mix with water which can be a medical remedy for diarrhea.

Didgeridoo playing demonstration is one of the most entertaining show to watch and listen. He played various sounds of animals, including kangaroo hopping and wallaby hopping. There is also an explanation and demonstration of how they use boomerangs and spears as weapons for hunting.

They also gave us a demonstration of fire-making which I find it fascinating, and their famous Tjapukai dance performance which gave an insight of their beautiful dances and singing old songs.

With the performers

We had lunch buffet at their restaurant, which coupled with lunch performance to entertain us and I managed to get a taste of their underground cooking of the meat. Somehow, it does not suit my taste very well but the meat is definitely well cooked and chewy.

With the lunch performers

We proceeded on to take the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway to take a cable car to our next destination to explore the rest of Kuranda. We glided way high abover the canopy and enjoying such spectacular views of the rainforest, the Coral Sea and beautiful Cairns Highlands. Such breath-taking view!

As I was typing this post, I still feel such wonders of the beauty that the rainforst provided and I do feel like going back there again! I can see why people flocked to Kuranda. Despite the scorching hot weather, visiting the rainforest midway the cable car ride, we experienced such cooling breeze which feel like we were in an air-conditioned room. Unlike how we feel in Singapore forest, we do not feel warm or humid at all.


We reached our stop and headed straight to Kuranda Koala Gardens without much visiting the Kuranda Heritage Markets along the way as my friend was too excited and eager to see the koala since we did not interact much with the koala yesterday. It was quite a small park with few animals, though the main highlight is the koala.

Eastern Water Dragon

Feed time at wombat area


Long nosed Potoroo


We also visited the Birdworld Kuranda where we stepped right into the beautiful place which is filled with colorful and beautiful birds flocking around. I saw one little shy bird which the birdkeeper showed me how to stroke the bird without scaring it off. Such soft feathers!

Alast! We were too immersed with the beauty of the wildlife that Kuranda provided that we actually missed the train at the Scenic Railway! We were so disappointed as we were looking forward to the tunnels and looking out for the Barrons Falls. Hence, we had to pay additional AUD $50 just to take a cable car back to where we first started off. The ride back was really a depressing atmosphere where we were quite quiet and down in spirit.

But looking on the bright side, thankfully, we actually stop midway the cable car ride when we first rode and managed to catch a glimpse of the Barrons Falls. 🙂



Surprisingly, we managed to catch the ride from our tour company at the station with other tour groups! We were frantically looking for directions for buses but no avail when we caught sight of the tour staff and asked if we can get a ride to the Freshwater station where we supposed to meet after the missed train ride. Phew!

Next is dinner, where we actually booked a reservation earlier to get a good seat at the second storey to have a nice scenery view of the sunset. But sadly, the trees were blocking but still, it is lovely to dine there.

My friends bought the fish of the day (seasonal), but I couldn’t remember the name of the dish as it was on the separate menu. My friends commented that the fish isn’t that good as compared to the fish dish we ordered the night before at Dundee restaurant. I ordered Youvetsi which is the traditional beef stew baked with kritharaki and kefalograviera. I love beef stew but somemore, their dish is not up to my taste so I ended up not being able to finish it.

Fish of the day

Love this dessert! I think it is like donut balls with sweet syrup.


I shall end my post here for the third day of Cairns!

*  *  *

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Day 2 @ Cairns – Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures

I finally completed this post, which is way overdue!
You can refer to my past post if you haven’t read Part 1 of my Cairns trip.

*  *  *

On the second day, I woke up the earliest as I couldn’t really sleep much last night as the air con was too cold. And while waiting for the girlfriends to get ready, I decided to spend some minutes sketching the view from my balcony using copic markers!

Balcony view of the waterfront

It was half day tour at the Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, which is one of the best places to see crocodiles and local wildlifes in the Tropical North Queensland. It was about 40 km north of Cairns. Hartley’s Adventures is a wildlife park which comprises of 5 distinct zones as you walk along their boardwalks and pathways. To view their pictorial map and further information, you can refer to their website here.

My friend took a picture of this while we were travelling towards the farm:

Lovely view!


Reached the Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures!

Together with the girlfriends who make the trip enjoyable!

First view when we stepped into the sanctuary. We saw crocodile lurking around the cafe.

At the start of the tour, the tour guide (one of Hartley’s staff) is quite an entertaining man, educated us on the crocodile farming and interesting facts on crocodiles while bringing us around the farm where they breed Estuarine crocodiles. This gave us some insights into how crocodile farming contributes to the conservation of wild crocodiles and their habitat. The guide took out a baby crocodile to show us closeup of the skin and it wasn’t as cold as I thought!

Crocodile farm

The guide and the baby crocodile


Next, we were brought to the Hartley’s Lagoon where it was actually a boat cruise which allow us to obtain such close view of the crocodiles, and appreciating their capabilities and understanding their importance in the wetland community. You should actually try the boat cruise because it is the most memorable experience so far, watching the crocodile feeding up close.

At the lagoon

Spoiler video ahead!


We explored the rest of the park which includes koala, water birds, wallabies and cassowaries where we get to see wallaby and kangeroo feeding. They were so adorable! Howvere, sadly, as there was such big crowd, we didn’t get to interact much with the koala and miss their feeding time. But we weren’t concerned as we will get to experience that the next day!


Wallaby 🙂

Kangaroo lying like a boss

Happened to see this sign at the gate as we move up the boardwalk:

Apparently there is a shy wallaby who prefer to be alone away from his peers

Tiger Quoll which is largest marsupial carnivore living in mainland Australia.

Tiger Quoll

Look how sweet it looks when it is sleeping!

Emu bird

Do you know how to differentiate between male and female for Cassowary birds?

Both are similar in appearance but the female is generally larger than the male, with a taller casque, and is brighter in colour 🙂

Cassowary Bird during feeding time

Megalania, the ancient giant butcher. A huge creature which look like a lizard, where it was suggested to have roamed the inland plains. They died out around the same time as other giant birds and mammals which reasons were unknown. However, its smaller relatives are still dominant predators today.

Relative of Megalania? Please correct me if I am wrong!

Koala bears after their feeding time

After exploration, we excitedly went to the wildlife amphitheater to watch the Crocodile Attack show which is intriging and engaging at the same time! A definite highlight of the whole tour!

Spoiler video ahead!

A parting goodbye between the keeper and the crocodile:


That’s the end of our tour! We traveled back to our hotel and I managed to catch a video of the scenery on the way back:


We decided to take a walk along the boardway of the waterfront which we seen at our balcony view towards Dundee Restaurant for dinner.

Nice breeze by the sea!

Seafood dinner @ Dundee Restaurant on the Waterfront

I ordered Barra Supreme and it was freaking a huge portion which costed a whooping AUD$39.90! Thanks to the $50 voucher (per person), we could afford splurging on ourselves. And it was good that it is a huge meal because I have an enormous appetite despite my small build. I was feeling nicely full after the meal actually.

Their dessert menu was really creative where it was not in a form of booklet but rather, the waitress would walk to our table with a beautiful, visually appealing displays of dessert for us to choose from (It is fake of course!):

Dessert menu

Who can resist saying no to dessert??!!

Being a chocolate brownie lover, I decided to choose chocolate brownie with chocolate ice cream. The waitress explained that it will be very chocolate-ly and suggested changing the ice cream to vanillia but my mind screamed “NO!!! I want CHOCOLATE!” and yes, I get everything in chocolate. DROOLS.

Pardon me for the bad quality of the picture as the place was pretty dimmed. Not a good choice for a handphone camera.

That’s about it for the second day!

*  *  *


Stay tuned for the next post where we visited the Kuranda which is the best part of our whole journey!

Credits: Some of the photos credited to my girlfriends who agree to let me post them here!



Day 1 – Holiday at Bali Canggu, Zoe Villa

From previous post, I mentioned that I was holidaying at Bali for a short break where we spent 4 days 3 nights and here I am blogging about day 1, which is the typical post of talking about the place the boy and I stayed in. The boy suggested staying in villa with private pool months back and now I know why he chose that..Ah HA! ❤

We were browsing through the Bali villas when we both decided on Zoe Villa because we love the lush surrounding of the villa and it matched our budget, since we are saving mostly on our wedding preparation and house renovations. I emailed the villa, which the owner’s daughter, Liza, replied promptly and everything got settled rather quickly, with airport transfer all arranged as well…talk about efficient!

*   *   *

Day 1 – Arrival at Bali (Afternoon, 3PM)

We arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport, situated at Southern Bali which was about 30 min car drive to the villa. And when we reached the villa, we love the exterior of the villa!

I am a big fan of stone walls and wooden furnitures. It brings so much comfort and it felt so cozy! The staff inside were super friendly and we were shown into our room:

First sight that greeted us is the lovely pool with water jetting out inside the pool which make the pool looks like a large Jacuzzi. This is SO pretty! I can tell you that picture don’t do justice. You need to see and experience for yourself!

The bedroom is very spacious, with the double bed in center, two sofas and a television, which I never take picture, and a small table.

The toilet came with a bathtub, rainfall shower together with wooden finishings of the sink and drawers. We absolutely love how the whole villa looks!

We were lucky enough to get a 2-storey villa, so we can actually come up to the balcony to have a quick look around upstairs.

We did not swim in the pool because it was too cold. Sunny, who is the owner of the villa, mentioned that Australia is having winter now, and the cold wind blew towards Bali which makes the evening cooling and water cold. She is a very nice and friendly lady, who actually come up with interior design of the villa herself!

We had a quick lunch (Fried Rice with Sunny side up egg) at the villa before deciding to head out to the nearby beach which is the Echo beach.

It is about few minutes drive to Echo beach (35000 rupiah). And it was the first time we encountered paying an entrance fee of 30,000 rupiah just for visiting the beach! Surprising.

The whole stretch is actually restuarants where people will dine at the beach. We decided to go for BBQ dinner, which we regretted because the portion was so small, yet expensive.

The boy ordered long drink,Zombie (69000 rupiah), which is a mixture of bacardi, myers rum, apricot brandy, cherry brandy, orange juice and lime juice. And it tasted horrible. The boy doesn’t even like it as the taste of the brandy overpowered the fruity taste so it tasted quite bland. I actually ordered Avocado juice which I didn’t include in the picture because the boy said my drink was too ugly to be pictured beside his drink. -.-

And we ordered a seafood platter for 1 since we had late lunch before that. It comes with Salad and miserable portion of seafood:

Salad doesn’t look appealing here, but the potato was good! The rest were too bland for me to sing praise.

You tell me about the portion. So small and little for 80000 rupiah!

We strolled around for a bit before heading back, and let me tell you, DO NOT EVER ACCEPT any random driver offer. We were offered a ride for 60000 rupiah at fixed price, and I refused couple of times but finally relented after the boy said it’s very late and we not sure if there will be any taxi driving into the beach. And the moment we boarded the van, two taxis drove in! And worse thing, I got very bad stomachache straight after we reached villa, which I suspected was caused by the food at Echo beach.

Talk about damn SWAY…Argh!!!

(To my foreign readers, SWAY is a Singaporean Hokkien meaning for “unlucky”)

But since its our first time, we take it as a bitter experience…and we are much more street smart now. 🙂

Will blog Day 2 soon. ❤


Food review: Ippudo SG – Japanese Ramen @ Mohamed Sultan

Ippudo SG Ramen Restaurant

It was just a random stop along Mohamed Sultan as we were famished for dinner, and it was already 8pm. And nearby was this restaurant called Ippudo. Being a blogger for years has me habitually search for blog reviews and it turned out that Ippudo is one of Japan’s top ramen shops and the founder, Shigemi Kawahara, is known as the Ramen King after three wins in the nationwide ramen-making competitions. So of course we have to try it :). So in we went, and we kind of like the ambience!

The boy ordered Akamaru Shin-Aji with Tamago:

“Ippudo’s original Tonkotsu Broth enhanced with special blended Miso Paste and fragrant garlic oil. Adding depth and richness when mixed in. Served with thin noodles, pork belly, black fungus and spring onions.”

– Ippudo SG Menu

Akamaru Shin-Aji with Tamago

I ordered Bonito Tonkotsu with Tamago as I preferred light flavored soup:

“Thin and straight noodles in Ippudo’s original Tonkotsu broth, blended with Bonito fish stock. Topped with pork belly, bamboo shoots, spring onions, leek and fried garlic. Served with japanese citrus pepper on the side.”  

– Ippudo SG Menu

Bonito Tonkotsu with Tamago

You can also get to decide the hardness of your noodles from soft, medium to hard too! The dishes came after sometimes and the smell of our ramen already wafting through the room, which heightened our appetites even more as we started to dig in.

The noodles I opt for is medium, and the noodle tasted just right and springly which I love it! The rich aromatic and non-greasy broth was also addictive enough for me to drink up most of it, together with the fried garlic and bamboo shoots. The pork belly were soft, tender and juicy which melt into my mouth. Simply mouthwatering!

Bonito Tonkotsu with Tamago

Love the fried garlic!

Soft and tender – Pork Belly

The boy did not quite like his own dish as he preferred my dish more as he said his dish was a lot sweeter while mine is more salty. He was kind of disappointed because he was expecting a saltier taste of the ramen soup since his dish included miso paste. And he commented that ramen in salty broth is alot more tasier and kept on drinking my soup from time to time!

Next, the flavored egg that we were looking forward to. The boy has fondness for the Japanese soft boiled egg and he exclaimed that it is one of the best eggs he ate of all time. I like how the yolk was so soft and just melt into your mouth as I savored the wonderful taste of it. Not a very good picture but this is the best I can do after breaking the egg into half with my chopstick.

Flavored Egg – Soft egg yolk which melt in my mouth!

We didn’t manage to try their dessert or drink as it was quite late and we were rushing off to his house with a freshly baked cake as it was actually his birthday on that day. We will probably drop by there soon or other outlets and try their dessert next!

Rating: 4/5

Mohamed Sultan
207 River Valley Road
UE Square
(Along Mohamed Sultan Rd)
Singapore 238275
Tel: 6887 5315


Lunch @ The Connoisseur Concerto (Pomo)

It was my birthday month so I decided to dine at TCC for lunch (due to 50% off birthday promo) after my gym workout with the boy, one of my favorite hang outs whenever the mood strike to eat pasta dishes or dessert. ❤ I was expecting the usual menu but to my delight, TCC came up with new dishes which I did not hesitate to try out since their pasta dishes are usually quite delicious to me.

First up is the new drink which was featured for this month:

Yuzu Grapefruit Tang’o

After the first sip, the boy and I were extremely disappointed with the drink. Because it was featured, we expected it to be really good but to our dismay, it tasted very bland and I could not taste any grapefruit nor yuzi. I wish I should have gotten other drink from the drink menu rather than trusting the drink that was the highlight.

But our disappointment went away once the snack came, which is also a new dish, Melty Mentaiko & Seafood Ragout Vols-au-vents. And we love it!

Melty Mentaiko & Seafood Ragout Vols-au-vents

The snack taste heavenly and we love how the mentaiko goes well with the seafood. It is very crispy and buttery at the same time, and i love how the seafood rag out “melt” in mouth. I would give this a thumb up! Well, in my opinion, anything in mentaiko taste good…such a pity the dish “Mentaiko Salmon pasta” was taken out of the menu. It used to be my favorite dish of all time. This snack was good enough to keep us patient, as we waited for our main dishes for close to 20 to 30 minutes. It wasn’t used to be long waiting time for the food but probably they might be understaffed.

Finally our dishes came and the boy ordered his favorite dish which is the Soft-shell Crab with Black Pepper Pasta, while I decided to try the new pasta dish, Clack & Clams Crayfish Pasta.

Soft-shell Crab with Black Pepper Pasta

The soft shell crab was really crispy! And I love how the taste of the buttered soft shell crab goes with the black peppered pasta. The pasta was tangy sweet with the terrayaki sauce which makes the taste even more delicious. And the boy happily commented on how the cod roe tasted so good when paired with the pasta as well. And that, I agreed.

Clack & Clams Crayfish Pasta

Honestly, I did not have any high expectation for this pasta so imagine my surprise when I tried the dish. I simply love the sauce! I was expecting it to be aglio olio, but the taste is much sweeter with a tint of creamy taste. Not sure what sauce they add but it definitely a blast. And of course, being a shellfish and crayfish lover, I love this dish to bits. I will deifnitely come back for this again when I have deep craving for shellfish pasta 😉

Overall, I would rate 3.5/5. I would have give it a 4, but the drink was really too disappointing.

Rating: 3.5/5
1 Selegie Road #01-02 & #02-25 PoMo, 188306


Featured of the week: Dessertini – Pandan Coconut Cupcakes

A delicious cupcake from wonderful friend which made my morning!

Pandan Coconut Cupcakes baked by Dessertini to make you drool

Look at the lovely brown and sweet syrup on the whipped cream!

Insanely delicious and the sweetness is just right.

If you are the kind of person who does not have a sweet tooth like me, this is it.

The best I had so far! ❤

Do hop over to DessertiniSG and like her page to get new updates as well as drooling over her beautiful edible creations 😉