Bellae Illustrations: Marchesa Bridal Spring 2017 Inspiration

I am so loving Marchesa Bridal Spring Fashion collection this year. The dresses are so fairy-like with floral detailing as 3-D appliqués on gowns with dipping décolletage or lace embroidery. How can I not love them?

And my favorite dress out of this collection:

Trying out Boomerang video for the first time while adding glitters to the dress:

– In watercolor, acrylics and glitters


Media Invite| Trick Eye Museum @ Resorts World Sentosa (Part 2)

It has been a year since I last visited Trick Eye Museum as mentioned in my past post dated 2014. Recently, the museum has just revamped their museum, so this means there are new themes, artworks and a newly introduced 4D concept!

I was honored to be invited by Trick Eye Museum to experience their newly revamped museum, and I decided to bring along my fiance and friends to explore the wonders that the museum provides since it will be the first time experience for my friends 🙂

To summarize, Trick Eye Museum offers the concept of using two-dimensional artworks to create three-dimensional artworks via use of optical illusions, allowing us to explore many possibilities of using creative poses to “tell” a story.

As I have already blogged about the background and history of the museum, this post will be the continuation of photos of new artworks, as some artworks remains the same as last year so the boy and I did not take the same artworks. But thanks to my friends, they agreed to let me post their photos on my blog 🙂

Please click here for Part one of Trick Eye Museum post (2014) if you have not read it yet, before continuing this post!

So here’s the themes which they have introduced for this year:

Unveil The ‘Mystery’
Discover best hidden secrets of 4D space. This theme allow you to ‘Touch’ and feel it yourself as you do some creative poses with the artworks.

Re-ignite the Excitement
The artworks displayed vibrant and action-themed artworks where you will be immerse into a world of excitement and adventure.

Overcome The ‘Supernatural’
This is one of my favorite exhibits! You will meet friendly ghosts, surrounded with fantasy that you never experience in real life. Enjoy having fun in taking part of the spooky scenes with the objects and characters together with your friends!

Immerse into a Fairytale Romance
Another favorite of mine! Lovely and fun loving exhibits which make excellent props for couples, friends and family as you get suck into the dreamy scenes of the museum.

Escape into ‘Fantasy’
The world of fantasy unveiled as you stepped into the theme and get a ride on a flying horse or getting trapped in a crytsal ball. You will also get to experience the winter wonderland together with your buddy!

Explore the ‘Trick World’
This is one of the exhibt that you shouldn’t miss. Ranging from fighting with the giant to being a beautiful ballerina, you will experience all sorts of the impossiblities at Trick World.

So now, I shall spam you with photos here! Great thanks to my awesome friends and the boy for the photos!


Interaction with 4D artworks


 photo Photo 15-11-15 3 52 30 pm_zpspqxyzlex.jpg

It isn’t any day where you can stand on a ball with one leg 🙂


 photo Photo 15-11-15 4 06 51 pm_zpsikqh7fls.jpg

Getting a good sense of balance and stability. Teamwork matters!

 photo 20151115_160527_zpsrsegzvmx.jpg

Getting a ride in a centaur carriage

 photo _DSC0026_zpswhezuq41.jpg

Striking a pose with a lion balancing on a ball


 photo _DSC0038_zps4cce3wzg.jpg

Found him hiding under a lid!


 photo _DSC0078_zpsttp6vqvm.jpg

Climbing icy mountain not my thing

 photo _DSC0083_zps6xzsvy1t.jpg

Love this one!

 photo _DSC0089_zps7vrll1ep.jpg

Trapped in a crystal ball

 photo IMG_7728_zps4uj10jnk.jpg

Big Bear Hug

 photo IMG_7765_zpsk6wsvbs9.jpg

Getting ready to fly into the moon

 photo Photo 15-11-15 3 39 56 pm_zpsc5kqxzij.jpg

So flexible!

Can’t help thinking that the girl’s face looks so real

 photo Photo 15-11-15 3 37 48 pm_zps2avlqjvx.jpg

Can’t help thinking that the girl’s face looks so real!

 photo IMG_7787_zpss5c9ycdu.jpg

She made a very good jockey!

 photo IMG_7792_zpsxxun6nfs.jpg

Am I really that heavy?

 photo 20151115_155518_zpsvhkauzwz.jpg

Saw this little girl who was fighting with the giant. Really cute!

 photo IMG_7798_zpsicnxaifo.jpg

Face off!

 photo IMG_7707_zpsz98h85b8.jpg

Floating slippers

 photo IMG_7811_zpsuqwkxbck.jpg



And now, my favorite picture of the day to end this post:

 photo _DSC0092_zpseynh2atl.jpg

Picture of the day!

I am so in love with this prop that I made it into my facebook cover. 🙂 One good thing about taking pictures in Trick Eye museum is that you get to have your own mini photoshoot with your friends and make it into profile pictures or even a photobook!

*  *  *

Promotion Time:

Currently, Trick Eye Museum is having ticketing promotion where you will 15% discount off regular price if you book the tickets online!  Key in Discount Code “trickeyesg” before checking out to enjoy the promotion!

*  *  *

Part 1: Part one of Trick Eye Museum post (2014)

Disclaimer: All photos and opinions are of my own unless otherwise stated. 

Acrylic Painting: Hallowed Evening

Halloween’s over.

A miniature painting of Hallowed Evening:

Hallowed Evening

Acrylic paints on acrylic paper.

I thought that doing miniature painting will be pretty challenging and indeed it is! Tiny details have to be more focused and I am glad this come out better than what I expected as I was trying to use up the paints left over on my palette due to the previous painting. Too many red, white and purple left!

Hope you had an enjoyable Halloween weekend!


Calligraphy painting: A dream is a wish your heart makes

I drew this recently when I was feeling really down.

I guess everyone does have their own mood swings and their own ways to deal with it.


I paint.happy thoughts 🙂

“A Dream is a wish your heart makes” – Cinderell

Sumi ink and copic sketch markers on paper.

It’s Friday! Looking forward to weekend 🙂


Fashion Illustration: Glittered Dress in the dark

I thought of experimenting with white color pencil and black paper, and I have never expected to fall in love with it!

White watercolor pencil on Black Derwent paper

I use white faber castell water color pencil on Black Derwent paper, the sparkles were digitally enhanced using photoshop 🙂

I know I have been posting up illustration works these few posts. It has always one of my dream to do some fashion illustrations but I do not have the time to really do it as crafts and portraits have been taking up my time.

But because I have been so busy with my own work and occupying my time with gym-ing, I decided to start on fashion sketches, doodling on my sketch book one day. And I like my first gown so much that I decided to grab my paintbrush and start painting. There goes my craze for fashion illustrations!

One never grow old learning new things. Expand your creativity, experiment new things and you will eventually start stretching your mind to do greater stuffs.

*  *  *

On the side note, I have been getting some inspirations on making 3D crafts. Not sure how it goes, but I have sketched out some ideas on my little sketch book for quite some time and hopefully, I will be able to put those ideas into paper and build them up!

Keeping my fingers crossed!


Shaker Card Inspiration: Royal Princess Shaker Card

Gosh! It has been like weeks before I updated this post, which should have been done long ago. I have been quite sick, down with a bad flu and fever for past 2 weeks that I have not been able to do much things. Right now, I am still coughing like no tomorrow, but hopefully this will go away real real soon!

Thankfully, I managed to make a card while trying to stop myself from sneezing because the card was requested quite some time back. And for my frequent readers, you must have find the design quite familiar 🙂

Back with another shaker card! Seems like shaker cards have been quite a favorite among my friends and clients, as I have been getting shaker cards orders. For this card, someone requested this design based on my previous work but wanting to go for a more princessy fantasy touch to it. So Cinderella actually comes to my mind!

Royal Princess Shaker Card

You can’t really see from here, but the navy blue card base (WorldWin Papers) was embossed with lovely glittered embossing powder (Rangers). Next, I cut out the name on mixed media paper and do some castle masking using the castle template (Sweet Poppy) and seafoam glimmery color mist (Heidi Swapp) before adding shakers of beads, glitters and diamond dust (Floracraft).

I cut out the silhouette of horse and carriage using my trusty SIlhouette Cameo before spraying with Heidi Swapp ColorShine mist of Gold and Black, and then embossed using clear glittered powder to give a glittery finish. And layering of strip paper was done before tying with twine and layered with the horse and carriage silhouette.

Royal Princess Shaker Card

That’s about it! ❤

And for those who find this design familiar, I actually made a similar design and blogged about it, which is in mermaid theme: Card Inspiration: Mermaid in the sea Shaker Card

Do hop there to take a look of the design too! ❤

I promise I will come back again with a longer post once I recovered!


Card Inspiration: Mermaid in the sea Shaker Card

Party Time Tuesdays (PTT) challenge “Always Anything Goes” is still ongoing where you can create any project using any products you have on hand and link your project onto PTT’s blog before the deadline and you will get a chance to win some prizes from our sponsor. Thank you for those who have participated in our February Challenge, we have such an overwhelming responses and amazing creations from all our readers!

Now, as usual, the challenge will still be “Always Anything Goes” and our sponsor for this month is Spectrum Noir! So get crafting and link up your work to our PPT’s blog and you will get the chance to win some products from Spectrum Noir!

Here’s one inspiration from me to get you started:

Mermaid In the Sea Shaker

Mermaid In the Sea Shaker

Close Up

I use blue cardstock and embossed sea shell image using clear embossing powder before pasting the shaker over. I cut out the name and added some shakers (glitters and beads) and seal up using foam tape and cardstock. I have shared a link on my past post on how you can actually make shaker card here: Shaker Card Tutorial.

Next, I cut out the starfish border using CAMEO and acrylic paper, before sponging the surface using blue chalk ink to create a soft look. I added Diamond Sticklers to the top of the starfishes as well for glitter effect. The mermaid silhouette was cut out using Cameo, embossed using black glitter embossing powder. And then I add the twine and flatback pearls for finishing touch. That’s about it!

*   *   *

I hope my team members and I gave you some inspirations to get your head cracking so that you can show us your wonderful project too!

So stop hesitating and hop over to PPT’s blog and start linking up your project!

Looking forward to see all your entries!

Have fun and good luck!