Bellae Illustrations: Marchesa Bridal Spring 2017 Inspiration

I am so loving Marchesa Bridal Spring Fashion collection this year. The dresses are so fairy-like with floral detailing as 3-D appliqués on gowns with dipping décolletage or lace embroidery. How can I not love them?

And my favorite dress out of this collection:

Trying out Boomerang video for the first time while adding glitters to the dress:

– In watercolor, acrylics and glitters


Bellaeillustrations: Ralph & Russo Gown Inspiration Sketch

Have you seen Ralph & Russo Autumn Winter 2016-2017 Coulture Dresses Collection?

Credits to Ralph & Russo Website

They are absolutely stunning with gowns which has so many lovely detailings like the floral designs that cascade down the gowns, bold prints and soft tulle sheaths which create the romantic feel! And one dress caught my eye enough to spark inspiration into my head and I couldn’t help but draw the gown instead.

Runway Look 50

I am so into these ruffles and their crystals glass bead embroidery!

White silk crêpe gown with pale blue silk organza voluminous overskirt, hand-appliquéd with ruffles and elaborately embellished with China blue silk thread-work, crystals and glass bead embroidery. – Ralph & Russo

Work in progress drawing the outline using Nikko G nib and Sumi ink after painting the gown with watercolor:


Scan and clean up using photoshop before finalizing the artwork:

Finalized artwork

I always love Fridays because that’s when weekend is here. It’s always good to have a good break after a busy week!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend! ❤



Review of Faber Castell Polychromos: Arabella – Dancing with the wind

Decided to went against my practicality and follow my heart to purchase Faber Castell Polychromos set of 36 at Faber Castell SG outlet in Orchard. I was contemplating between 36 vs 60 and was leaning towards 60, but the price stopped me with difference of SGD $100+. And because I have never tried those pencils before, le fiance prevented me from getting 60 and hence, I got a set of 36 for SGD$114. *heart pain*

So here I am, deciding to try if my investment is worth it. And since I always work with black paper, I decided to try to see if the opacity of the colors works well with the black.

Sketching out Arabella:

I find my Mannequin pretty useless if you ever want to sketch flexible poses. I bought it at Overjoyed Singapore for about SGD$9.90. It is a bad buy. I should have gotten probably Art S. Buck Artist’s Model? Blame myself for not doing enough research and I didn’t see this model the last time I shopped on Overjoyed.  My advice if you ever want to do serious sketching, do not ever get the wooden mannequin because you will be very frustrated with its stiff joints and you can hardly move the arms and legs around.

Now coming to use Faber Castell polychromos, I bought it in set of 36 which came in a metal tin casing.

And I decided to try on Arabella’s dress:

Looking at the range of 36 pencils, the color range is sufficient if you understand the concept of colors and are able to blend by yourself. Well, of course, it is always never enough for artists! We always love to be spoiled with colours because we just love working with many colours as possible. I use Dr. PH Martin’s Pen white ink with Nikko G nib as usual and somehow, I do not really do well with the white outline as I was aiming for faint lines and my hand shook alittle trying to make it as thin as possible.

As my usual routine, I scanned through the drawing and use photoshop to add some effects:

I am quite disappointed with myself this time round because the scan make the coloring looks too grainy. I probably will try to use blending tools next time to see if it works with Polychromos…I hope it works! ❤

My thoughts on Polychromos

I prefer using them (oil-based) to the usual color pencils which is wax-based because the blending of colors is excellent as you cannot do that with normal Faber Castell classic color pencils. I was choosing between this and Prismacolors and decided on this based on reviews that Prismacolor pencils break very easily. However, for polychromos, they have SV coating which make them break resistant. I dropped one of the color pencils and it turns out fine with the tip still intact. And I like also like it that they are smudge-proof and water resistant.

Working on black paper, I am quite disappointed as I do not feel that Polychromos works really well with it because the colors are too transparent for my liking and I have to layer many times to get the opacity that I desired. So it feels really dull on paper and I cannot get the vibrancy I want despite using light colors to attempt to brighten up Arabella’s dress. The final drawing turns out to be grainy is due to the tooth of the paper so I will try smooth paper.

Colors included:
White, Cream, Light yellow glaze, Cadmium yellow, Dark chrome yellow, Cadmium orange, Dark cadmium orange, Pale geranium lake, Deep scarlet red, Middle cadmium red, Dark red, Magenta, Rose carmine, Middle purple pink, Mauve, Dark indigo, Helioblue-reddish, Ultramarine, Light ultramarine, Phthalo blue, Cobalt turqoise, Cobalt green, Dark phthalo green, Emerald green, Light green, Leaf green, Earth green yellowish, Pompeian red, Venetian red, Burnt ochre, Dark Naples ochre, Raw umber, Walnut brown, Warm grey V, Warm grey II, Black

I will try on white Bristol paper and see how it goes! ❤

Faber-Castell Boutique
2 Orchard Turn,
#04-13 ION Orchard,
Singapore 238801


Bellae Illustrations: Cinderella Illuminating Gown

There has been quite a huge commotion over Met Gala 2016 event where Claire Danes wowed everyone with her whimsical, jaw dropping Zac Posen ball gown which actually glow in the dark!

#clairedanes #zacposen #metgala

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I also love the shade of blue when it wasn’t glowing as well. How I wish that is my wedding gown, though I don’t think I will be able to withstand the thirty battery packs under my skirt 😉

But this dress got me inspired and I decided to paint it and for the first time in my life, I also decided to try doing a small animation, all using my paints, photoshop and a mouse. Yes, I swear I am using a mouse which it was so painfully slow to begin with because I have to keep undoing the unstable mouse trails as I edit and brushed up the dress on photoshop. I should really get myself a tablet soon which I have been eyeing on Wacom. Has anyone has any other recommendation beside Wacom?

Here’s a video of my work in progress, painting the dress using Finetec Watercolors and Dr PH Martins Pen White Ink (hover over to play the video):


I really salute all animators out there. It wasn’t easy making the animation, having to create many still images/layers as well as deciding the timing in between frames.

And I am starting to miss crafting. I have so many ideas on my explosion boxes but with so many things happening in my life right now, it will be a miracle squeezing some craft time in!


Calligraphy Painting: Lee Petra Grebenau Wedding Dress

Saw this dress and loving it! I know I had to paint it.

Inspired by Lee Petra Grebenau ❤

– Sketched and painted using nikko G nib with Dr PH Martins pen white ink.


Calligraphy Painting: Hamda Al Fahim floral dress


Been away for 2 weeks to Korea for a photoshoot and now I am back! The picture above was one of the photos taken by PD Song from L Studio and I was so impressed with the makeup team and the photographer for creating such beautiful picture and memory for the fiance and I. And it is not photoshopped at all. 🙂 Perhaps I shall blog more about my experience in near future when I get the rest of the photos back which could take months, unfortunately.

Overall, I am really impressed with my make up! I am not an expert in the beauty field so imagine my amazement when they transformed a geeky me to a feminine me. Even the fiance loves my no-spectacle look. Anyone willing to teach me the secrets to eye makeup? 😉

On the side note, I am back with another sketch which was inspired after falling in love with one of Hamda Al Fahim’s dresses.

Very pretty colours, isn’t it? ❤


Calligraphy painting: Magical moments

Such magical moments when you are spoilt for choices: