Life lesson: Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light

It was great having a long hiatus away from social media. The past few months have been quite depressing and I decided that having a break away from social media and spending quality time with myself and family will be the best thing to recover mentally. I don’t usually talk about my personal life here but I would like to share some life lessons.

During the past months, a loved one got diagnosed with a rare type of cancer and has gone through stem cell therapy. Everyone in the family supported him as he undergoes chemotherapy treatments. Thankfully, he is now recovering under our care. Then another bad news hit when I decided to pluck up my courage to visit a private eye specialist last month due to my bad vision as I was having difficulty seeing well especially at night. The tests came back with the doctor diagnosing me with a rare genetic eye disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP).

I was quite thankful that le fiance was beside me, holding my hand reassuringly which gave me the strength not to break down and cry.  As explained by doctor, RP will cause retinal degeneration, and I will experience a gradual decline in my vision because  my photoreceptor cells (rods and cones) will slowly die.  She showed the images of my retina interior where some black spots can be seen which means some of my photoreceptor cells are slowly dying.

The thought of losing eyesight slowly to an invisible enemy without any known treatment or cure, I felt really helpless.  For someone who loves doing crafting and drawing, it was quite a severe blow for me.  On top of that, she also spotted early sign of cataracts which she assured me that she will monitor to prevent it from getting worse.

Having went through depression before few years back, I knew it will not do any good to everyone if I go into a depression mood so I tried lifting my spirits up and joking with le fiance that he only has  few weeks left to decide to marry me since our registry of marriage (ROM) is coming this Friday.  He held my hand tighter and said that we can overcome this together. We will be going for genetic testing together in coming October to check if he has the RP gene so that the doctor can assess the possibility of our children having it.  I am keeping my heart and fingers crossed that everything goes well for both of us.

It really helps when you have family or loved ones close by to stand by you because it gives you strength and courage to continue on. Having a positive attitude towards life irregardless of what you have been going through, will help you to cope better with the daily affairs of life. I was also thankful that my parents are the most optimistic people I know,  telling me that I should start thinking about the bright side of life and not to dwell so much on my problems.  Right now, I decided to focus my mind on our wedding preparation which will be coming next month, and till then, I will pick up my pen and brush again 🙂

One good thing out of this, my father bought me a new pair of spectacles with transition lens to protect my eyes from the sun! Quite in love with it at the moment because he chose the frame with lovely prints that really complement well when the lens turn dark. As I am first time user of transition lenses, I find it pretty cool!

I like this quote from Helen Keller who was my inspiration since young:

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.  -Helen Keller


Right now, I am walking this lonely dark path bravely, hand in hand with my best friend and partner, who will be my soon-to-be husband in two days’ time! ❤

The best thing he said to me: “I will be your eyes, so don’t worry about it.”


Credits: L studio (Korea) and Louvre Bridal (Singapore)



Calligraphy painting: Dreaming with your feet

I have been so fascinated with animation nowadays! Been trying to attempt a few simple animations to get a hang of it and I hope I can get a lightbox real soon so that I can really start trying out the animated movements. I think it will going to be interesting and fun to learn. But pricewise, let’s say I am still monitoring and waiting for sale at Amazon.

So anyway, again, another calligraphy painting with a dance theme!

Below is the animated version (Hover your mouse to click play!)

– Watercolor and sumi ink on paper, with digitally enhanced glittered effects

And I love the quote as well. Dancers are always graceful and the story they tell using their feet. Much like an artist who dream with their hands!

I am thinking of making all my calligraphy paintings into postcards since I have been getting many compliments about it.

Should I?

Just a thought.  🙂

Do email me as I would love to hear feedback from you!

Calligraphy painting: A dream is a wish your heart makes

I drew this recently when I was feeling really down.

I guess everyone does have their own mood swings and their own ways to deal with it.


I paint.happy thoughts 🙂

“A Dream is a wish your heart makes” – Cinderell

Sumi ink and copic sketch markers on paper.

It’s Friday! Looking forward to weekend 🙂


Calligraphy Painting: The Ballet dancer

I love simplicity.

Which explain this painting. Less strokes, more colors.

“The ballet dancer” – Sumi ink and acrylic paints on paper

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”


Illustration: Classy and Fabulous

Love this quote from Coco Chanel:

– Illustration done in acryic paints.


Calligrahy: Quote of the day

Written using Nikko G nib and Sumi Ink ❤


Layered Card Inspiration: The Secret To a Rich Life

Hello! I am back with a layered card – Secret to a rich life card which I have a sweet floral theme in mind, perfectly described the recipient of this card 🙂

I always love this quote: “The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings.” -Dave Weinbaum

For this card, I prepared a cut out acrylic paper and embossed it using Tim Holtz Textured Fades Honeycomb folder, before spritzing the paper with Heidi Swapp Colorshine Seafoam Mist to give a shimmery effect. I also distressed the edges of the paper to give a nice weathered look to present a vintage look. Layered on top of the paper is another cutout of My Mind’s Eye cardstock (Be Happy theme) and distressed the edges of the paper before using Burnt Sienna Colorbox chalk ink to create a lovely faded shade in the background to give a soft look. The remaining scrap of the cardstock was trimmed into the shape of the ribbon and layered over the card. I always love Spellbinders dies because the templates gave suck an elegant and intricate details! I used Spellbinders Shapeabilities Les Papillions Two butterfly die to cut and embossed the shape of butterfly. To add more details, I smudged the top part of the butterfly with blue chalk ink before giving a lovely glittered effect at the edges using Diamond Sticklers.

Close up look of the details

Next I cut of the frame using Spellbinders Nestabilities Majestic Labels Eight, soften the edges using blue chalk ink and adding the glitter using Diamond Sticklers at the corners of the frame. Quote was stamped using Cloud9 Design (Simple thoughts) clear stamp with black veramagic chalk ink.

The final outcome:

Layered Card Inspiration

I thought it will be easier for you readers if I type down bold and italic the brands of the supplies I used for easy reference. Well, I hope it helps if you want to look for those supplies to follow my design!

Thanks for looking! ❤