Day 3 – Full day tour @ Northern part of Bali

Short post of day 3 of Bali, where we booked a full day tour. This trip is meant to be relaxing, and enjoying the beauty of Bali. Not much pictures here as we only visited few places because the traffic was bad and most of our time were taken up by travelling on road. So I shall put the highlights (pictures) instead 🙂

We started off visiting Taman Ayun Temple, before proceeding to Coffee Luwak farm. I took a picture of this art displays at the temple because I just love the display!

Art displays

Caught the artist at work!

Next, we dropped by at the Coffee Luwak farm, where the farm also grow their own spices, which they would actually fuse the spices together with coffee, like for example, ginseng coffee, ginger coffee, etc. They showed us how the process of the coffee luwak is done, where they will collect the droppings of luwaks as it was said that the luwaks will actually select the best coffee beans to eat. After going through the cleaning process, the coffee beans which was passed out from the luwaks were then roasted before grinding them into powder to become coffee powder.

Roasting the coffee beans

Roasted coffee beans

Grinding into powder

You also get to interact with the luwak by carrying it and feeding it, while the staff will take picture of you. And as I was giving the fruits to the luwak, it just selected a few and ate them while ignoring the rest, so I assume that the rest of the fruits are not in a very good condition! We also sample their coffee and tea, which have a wide variety of wonderful flavors and aroma.

The fruits to feed the luwaks

And their coffee and tea tasted great! We bought a few packets of the tea that we like and a word of caution that never ever use SG money to pay as their exchange rate is really bad…we didn’t bring enough cash because their teas were considered quite expensive so we paid by SG cash instead and got really ripped off.

Along the way, we passed by a popular tourist attraction, Kintamani Volacno which can be viewed from far. Unfortunately, due to time constraint, we didn’t opt for that place. We stopped by at Pacung rice terrance to take a few shots of it because it was really beautiful!

Our next stop is the Berantan Lake Temple, where we went there for a buffet lunch. Food was really cheap, but then again, the food was not that impressive to talk about here.

But to make up for it, the view at the Beratan Lake Temple was spectacular!

The boy loves waterfalls, so the tour guide drove us to the next tourist attraction which is the GitGit Twin Waterfall, a very famous tourist spot in Bali. It is located in the plateau area with the height about 35 meters. Along the way to the waterfall, there were set-up stalls selling spices and art pieces, and often you will encountered children carrying items who will follow you to try to get you to buy something from them.

The sound of waterfall can be heard as we went nearer, and you can even wade in the water nearby which was really cooling. Twin waterfall comprised of two adjoining waterfalls and the current was quite swift. A must place to visit!

Finally, our last stop is at Tanah Lot Temple, where it is a popular tourist attraction to see beautiful sunset. Before the entrance, there is a street where one can see an array of stalls selling art pieces and clothes.

Spot the hanging bat!

And finally, we entered the temple!

Tanah Lot Temple

Lovely view of sunset

That’s make the end of our tour and the end of my Bali post!

 *   *   *

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Day 2 Part 2 – Afternoon Tour @ Southern part of Bali

Now our first tour began! The tour guide was actually freelanced, sought by Zoe Villa. He was quite a nice and friendly guy who speaks good English. The boy loves beaches, hence our tour started out with visiting this beautiful and famous beach, Padang-Padang, where Julie Roberts taking the movie “Eat, Pray Love”.

Padang-Padang Beach

Beautiful, isn’t it?

I have to warn you that there were alot of monkeys hanging around at the entrance of the beach so do be cautious if you are bringing in any food in your hands. I have witnessed a group of children bringing in food and got scared by the monkeys when they aggressively get close to them in attempt to snatch their food.

Next stop is the very popular and tourist spot which is the Uluwatu Cliff Temple, with magnificent view to the Indian Ocean.

Uluwatu Cliff

Uluwatu Cliff

So breathtaking! Pictures show you everything, you have to go there to experience how beautiful the view is! Le fiance and I enjoyed the view so much that it overrided my tiredness of climbing up the long flights of stairs just to reach the temple to watch the Kecak and Fire dance performance on the open stage background by the beautiful sunset. The tour guide told us where to sit so that we can actually view the sunset while waiting for the performance to start. Before that, do take the paper which tells you the Kecak and Fire dance background because without it, you will be quite clueless to what the whole dance is about and you will eventually get bored.

Try to stay throughout the whole performance because things get hilariously funny towards the end of the performance where the characters will start making really humorous moves and making the whole audience laughed like crazy! It was quite a pity that many people left halfway, probably because they did not understand the whole dance meaning. We managed to follow the storyline, thanks to the paper which I took from the ticketing counter as I love reading such story! I shall not tell you the story to prevent spoilers, so read up on your own!

The last stop that the tour guide brought us to is to have a romantic dinner by the sea, Ganesha @ Jimbaran. Not our place of choice as I do not have a fondness of eating in a dim and dark place due to my eye condition but thankfully, le fiance was there to ease my mind and discomfort, holding my hand reassuringly while guiding me around!

As it was not our place of choice, we were quite unprepared by the prices stated in the menu as we did not bring out much cash so le fiance was like comtemplating on what to order. I am quite a big fish lover so there was this funny incident where I was looking at red snapper and le fiance asked how much is the red snapper and when the seller quoted the price after weighing, le fiance quickly went to ask for the small tiger prawns instead and I was quite downcasted because I thought he was not going to get the fish but just the prawns. Imagine my delight when he ordered both the fish and the prawns! Le fiance thought it was quite amusing to see me looking so disappointed when he ordered the prawns first.

I did not manage to take good pictures of the meal because it was so dark and I only have my handphone camera with me. So no picture here. But all I can say is that the fish was really delicious and they marinated the fish really well! So the barbecue seafood dinner was so far so good!

*   *   *

The best part of the day was after dinner when we headed back to the villa to fly our first sky lantern, when le fiance asked what I wish for with him and I replied, “Happy marriage with you, of course!”. THe romantic him knelt down and proposed!

Took this the next day because it looked so much better in natural light!

And the best picture of the day:

Taken at Seminyak Street

We both love this picture to bits!

*   *   *

That’s all for Day 2.

Shall post Day 3 soon!

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Day 2 Part 1 – Lunch @ Seminyak Square, Bali Canggu

It was bright early in morning about 7AM when the crazy me decided to give the pool a try since it was too cold for a swim last night. And the pool was still too cold for a swim! I gave up and went to order for dine-in breakfast. Breakfast was included in the package when you booked with them.

Toast with Scramble Egg

Mee goreng with sunny side up

By 10AM, the transportation that we arranged with Zoe Villa arrived on time to take us to Seminyak Square (20 minutes drive), the main city where you can find a bit of everything. Reaching there, we find varieties ranging from sports and fashion outlets, art markets to cafes and restauarnts. What a full shopping experience under one roof! We are not much a shoppers at fashion outlets so we didn’t explore the stores. Instead, we visited the nearby sonvenoir shop where we bought lemongrass salt bath because the boy said lemongrass can chase away mosquitos. After having been bitten by mosquitos last night even with three patches of insect repellent on my bed, I decided to give it a try once we get back to the villa at night.

We strolled along the markets where local vendors were selling their handcrafted stuffs and clothes and we bought a sky lantern for 120000 rupiahs since we never fly a sky latern before. Initially the vendor charged us 200000 rupiah which was too pricey so I haggled abit and he agreed on 12000 rupiahs.

There are many cafes around and most of the time, I was googling for food reviews which is always a habit of mine. We were quite famished when the boy discovered a staircase up to a cafe, and after reading much good reviews about it, we decided to give the cafe a try.

Hank’s Pizza and Liquor

Cute signage! How can resist?!

Hank’s Pizza and Liquor

It was a very quiet and nice ambience, and we were the only ones around which is kind of surprising since they have such good reviews online.

Interior of the cafe

So old school decorations!

Liquor bar

They sell mainly pizzas and pasta, where you can actually order 2 pizzas into one pizza if you cannot decide between pizzas.

Such a cute menu in disc design!

Part of the menu

We found that out after the waitress was listening to us contemplating between the two pizzas we want and she voluntarily and cheerfully said that we can put both of the pizza we want into one! That’s settled our bickering. Hahahah!

Lennon and Keith Pizza in one

Generous ingredients and cheese!

Zombie and Gingle ale with free popcorn

We opt for Lennon and Keith pizza into one and I ordered Gingle Ale while fiance ordered their cocktail drink, Zombie drink (Sailor Jerry, Triple Sec of orange juice, passoionfruit and grenadine). Let me tell you this…the pizza tasted so good! It is definitely way much better than Pizza hut or any pizza in Singapore. The Zombie drink tasted really good! More fruity taste rather than strong alcohol taste which suited both of our tastebuds perfectly.
We cab back to the villa to wash up and prepare for our private tour in the afternoon, which was also pre-arranged with the villa the night before. That will be in my next post!

*  *  *

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Day 1 – Holiday at Bali Canggu, Zoe Villa

From previous post, I mentioned that I was holidaying at Bali for a short break where we spent 4 days 3 nights and here I am blogging about day 1, which is the typical post of talking about the place the boy and I stayed in. The boy suggested staying in villa with private pool months back and now I know why he chose that..Ah HA! ❤

We were browsing through the Bali villas when we both decided on Zoe Villa because we love the lush surrounding of the villa and it matched our budget, since we are saving mostly on our wedding preparation and house renovations. I emailed the villa, which the owner’s daughter, Liza, replied promptly and everything got settled rather quickly, with airport transfer all arranged as well…talk about efficient!

*   *   *

Day 1 – Arrival at Bali (Afternoon, 3PM)

We arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport, situated at Southern Bali which was about 30 min car drive to the villa. And when we reached the villa, we love the exterior of the villa!

I am a big fan of stone walls and wooden furnitures. It brings so much comfort and it felt so cozy! The staff inside were super friendly and we were shown into our room:

First sight that greeted us is the lovely pool with water jetting out inside the pool which make the pool looks like a large Jacuzzi. This is SO pretty! I can tell you that picture don’t do justice. You need to see and experience for yourself!

The bedroom is very spacious, with the double bed in center, two sofas and a television, which I never take picture, and a small table.

The toilet came with a bathtub, rainfall shower together with wooden finishings of the sink and drawers. We absolutely love how the whole villa looks!

We were lucky enough to get a 2-storey villa, so we can actually come up to the balcony to have a quick look around upstairs.

We did not swim in the pool because it was too cold. Sunny, who is the owner of the villa, mentioned that Australia is having winter now, and the cold wind blew towards Bali which makes the evening cooling and water cold. She is a very nice and friendly lady, who actually come up with interior design of the villa herself!

We had a quick lunch (Fried Rice with Sunny side up egg) at the villa before deciding to head out to the nearby beach which is the Echo beach.

It is about few minutes drive to Echo beach (35000 rupiah). And it was the first time we encountered paying an entrance fee of 30,000 rupiah just for visiting the beach! Surprising.

The whole stretch is actually restuarants where people will dine at the beach. We decided to go for BBQ dinner, which we regretted because the portion was so small, yet expensive.

The boy ordered long drink,Zombie (69000 rupiah), which is a mixture of bacardi, myers rum, apricot brandy, cherry brandy, orange juice and lime juice. And it tasted horrible. The boy doesn’t even like it as the taste of the brandy overpowered the fruity taste so it tasted quite bland. I actually ordered Avocado juice which I didn’t include in the picture because the boy said my drink was too ugly to be pictured beside his drink. -.-

And we ordered a seafood platter for 1 since we had late lunch before that. It comes with Salad and miserable portion of seafood:

Salad doesn’t look appealing here, but the potato was good! The rest were too bland for me to sing praise.

You tell me about the portion. So small and little for 80000 rupiah!

We strolled around for a bit before heading back, and let me tell you, DO NOT EVER ACCEPT any random driver offer. We were offered a ride for 60000 rupiah at fixed price, and I refused couple of times but finally relented after the boy said it’s very late and we not sure if there will be any taxi driving into the beach. And the moment we boarded the van, two taxis drove in! And worse thing, I got very bad stomachache straight after we reached villa, which I suspected was caused by the food at Echo beach.

Talk about damn SWAY…Argh!!!

(To my foreign readers, SWAY is a Singaporean Hokkien meaning for “unlucky”)

But since its our first time, we take it as a bitter experience…and we are much more street smart now. 🙂

Will blog Day 2 soon. ❤