Bellae Illustrations: Marchesa Bridal Spring 2017 Inspiration

I am so loving Marchesa Bridal Spring Fashion collection this year. The dresses are so fairy-like with floral detailing as 3-D appliqués on gowns with dipping décolletage or lace embroidery. How can I not love them?

And my favorite dress out of this collection:

Trying out Boomerang video for the first time while adding glitters to the dress:

– In watercolor, acrylics and glitters


Wedding Planning: Choosing your ideal venue

To get the brief overview of planning your own wedding yourself, you can refer to my past post: The importance of planning ahead.

When le fiance and I first started our wedding planning journey last year, we absolutely have no idea what to look out for. But the first thing in our mind is to source for our wedding venue as I always hearsay that you have to book the venue 15 months in advance! So we start searching for venues, and shortlisting them way ahead.

As known by our friends, le fiance and I are the most laziest couple ever when it comes to venturing out to search for things so tediously. So when we were searching for venues, we just google for images and shortlisted only 4 venues according to the location, capacity and decorations. So if you are someone like us, do that and save your time visiting the venues and getting disappointed. Trust me, it really save a lot of time and energy.

Things that we take into consideration:

  1. Location
  2. Perks that come with the wedding package
  3. Capacity
  4. Decorations/ Wedding favors
  5. Attitude of the coordinator
  6. Within your budget
  7. Bridal Suite/ Holding area

We are more inclined towards booking a restaurant as our wedding venue because we are more concerned about food as we want to ensure that our guests enjoy the food as much as possible since they come all the way down to celebrate our special occasion. As le fiance stays in the west, we preferred the west or central location. Wedding packages that comes with all the perks is also important so as to see if you can negotiate for a better deal as there may be some of the things that you might not need and you can get a replacement of other stuffs. This can help you to keep within your budget as well. Attitude of the coordinators is really important as coordinators are there to ensure the smooth wedding planning journey rather than causing mental obstacles.

Would you want to add extra headache if you cannot contact your coordinator or get his prompt responses while chasing him for things to get done?

Hotels normally comes with a bridal suite, while restaurants or other venues might come with a changing room. Whats matters is whether you will have a place for helpers to rest, allowing you to change your wedding attires and storing your valuables as well. There was once I remembered, I read a review of a bride who said that her changing room at a certain restaurant was so small, cramped and smelly that it gave her so much discomfort that it spoiled her wedding day.

Several websites like the wedding forums and wedding websites are really useful in narrowing down your search like Singapore Brides, Wedding Forum SG and Perfect Wedding Forum. I frequented those websites most of the time on my starting journey and get the inside reviews of the venues.

And the venues we shortlisted: Fu Lin Men @ JCC, Orchid Country Club, Genting Hotel and Joyden Hall @ Bugis +. I will not displayed the packages prices as it differ every year so just visit the Singapore Brides website as they have the wedding packages of different venues displayed. 🙂

* * *

First stop: Fu Lin Men @ Jurong Country Club

I shortlisted this because I heard good reviews about the food and the location is extremely near the MRT station. When I saw the virtual tour of the banquet room in Singapore Brides, I instantly fell in love with the bright decor and the chandelier lighting. And I just love the stage setting! The walk in is extremely short which is ideal for both of us as we were quite introverted couple so we dislike much attention on us for too long. So as I explained to people how I prefer a short walk way because I do not like eyes on me, my friends rolled eyes about that and said wedded couple are meant to be in the center of attraction!

Credits: Singapore Brides Website

Credits: Singapore Brides Website

We actually walked in before their opening hours in the afternoon without making any appointment, but the banquet assistant manager was so friendly and kind enough to bring us around the room and show us the bridal room as well as the ROM outdoor venue. A very big plus point from me. He even gestured the waitress to serve us water while we waited for him to take out all the portfolios of their wedding invitation cards, wedding favors as well as the table centerpieces decor. We like him instantly and we thought we will just stick to this venue. Le fiance found the ceiling to be too low for his liking but he was able to overlook since he likes the venue overall. However, a week later, news came out saying that JCC will be acquired for Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail terminus. Such luck!

When we contacted the assistant manager, he said it will probably be around Nov 2016 which is too near to our wedding date. Hence not taking the chance in case we had to find venue last minute if it closes, we drop this off the list.


Second Stop: Orchid Country Club

Next, we zoomed onto to Orchid Country Club because of pillarless and spacious environment so again, we did not make an appointment and just walked in during the late afternoon when we were free. Well, that’s a bad habit for us but we always couldn’t decide whether to go since we have such busy schedule! I do not know if we are lucky or not, but when we got there, the banquet manager was actually there because there will be a wedding going on in the evening and he kindly and enthusiastically guided us around too.

Credits: Orchid Country Club website

Credits: OCC website

But the walkway is too long! Our trait of introversion kicked in and we were not keen about it. The manager explained that there will be a car provided for the walk in so it is actually a fast walk in. But I wasn’t even interested in getting on a car with my big fat gown and high heels because I know I will be extremely clumsy. Le fiance actually laughed at the thought! And we didn’t like the view of the second storey as well. The location is not very convenient for both of us and hence, we drop this off the list.


Third Stop: Genting Hotel

By then, we were getting tired and decided to aim for hotel to see if it is actually better than non-hotel venues. Genting hotel just opened at that point of time so there was no reviews or pictures to show. Hence, we had to book an appointment this time round to get a tour around the banquet hall and the bridal suite. The banquet room was rather empty and bare because they were newly opened so we didn’t take pictures. Instead they show us pictures on their brochures of how it will looks like in the wedding decorated theme. Hence, I took the pictures from Singapore Brides as they have a virtual tour of it.

Credits: Singapore Brides Website

Credits: Singapore Brides Website

We like the whole decor overall and I especially love the hanging crystal lighting, but one thing that turned us off is the reception which is located near the main lobby. Too many unwelcomed guests will be walking in and out. And we were not sure of how the food is going to taste like though the manager assured us that the chef is quite experienced with several years of experience in hotel dining under his belt. So we keep it in view while searching for more venues. I do not know if its the norm or it is just her attitude, but I find the coordinator was not very friendly and quite serious when she gave us the tour around. Country Clubs’s coordinators we have met so far are really a lot more friendlier and we feel more comfortable talking to them instead.


Last Stop: The Joyden Hall @ Bugis +

I coincidentally found this venue while googling for unique venues without hotel setting. There are hardly any reviews but so far, all the reviews are really good and the location is very convenient too. And beside that, the venue also hold a special and sweet memory for both of us as that was where we first started dating and he asked me to be his girlfriend 6 years ago. 🙂

Excitedly, we contacted the coordinator, Jeffrey (who is really nice person that has been patiently replying my inquiries over emails and whatsapp) for the wedding decor themes and he kindly emailed us the themes as well as the wedding packages. And I am amazed that they allow several themes to choose from too! One bonus point was that one of the themes is Fairytale theme which was perfect as I have already set that as my wedding theme before the start of the journey. And the ceiling was very high, with crystal lighting as well. Joyden hall is pretty much like a theatre-like setting which has a great changing room as well as a holding area for the tea ceremony or for the helpers. The walkway is just straight down and you actually enter via the curtains instead of the usual door. Sound pretty glamorous!

Credits: Singapore Brides Website

Credits: Singapore Brides Website

See the ceiling? That is the crystal lighting which I am talking about! This is their Hollywood theme, among all other themes they have.

Jeffrey also showed me their outdoor garden ROM setting as well. That was the place where le fiance asked me to be his girlfriend. 🙂  Unfortunately, we recntly decided to move our ROM forward to a month earlier as we did not want to  have our wedding day too packed as we prefer more rest time before the start of the dinner banquet. Another trait of our introversion : We need to recharge our battery in solitude.

Credits: Singapore Brides Website

The fairytale theme which I have fallen in love with! However, the ceiling decor will be changed to the crystal ceiling as I much prefer that way as it will be more classy and elegant.

Credits: Singapore Brides Website

Credits: Singapore Brides Website


The venue is conveniently located, and able to cater to the number of guests we will be inviting (Minimum is 28 tables, maximum is 38 tables). Decorations will be settled and they will also do minimal decorations at the reception too. They also provide reception cocktails as well as finger foods for additional top up.  Sound technician will also be there to play the music throughout the whole wedding so we don’t have to worry about choosing songs. Food catered is from Joyden Seafood Restaurant which garner quite a number of raved reviews from friends and online. The downside is not having a bridal suite which is not our main concern as Joyden Hall already have a changing room and a holding area which works great for both of us.

So after much discussion between Genting Hotel and Joyden Hall. we came back the second time, signed and paid our deposit! ❤


NOTE: All photos credited to The Singapore Brides unless stated otherwise. However, content and opinions are of my own.

Bellaeillustrations: Ralph & Russo Gown Inspiration Sketch

Have you seen Ralph & Russo Autumn Winter 2016-2017 Coulture Dresses Collection?

Credits to Ralph & Russo Website

They are absolutely stunning with gowns which has so many lovely detailings like the floral designs that cascade down the gowns, bold prints and soft tulle sheaths which create the romantic feel! And one dress caught my eye enough to spark inspiration into my head and I couldn’t help but draw the gown instead.

Runway Look 50

I am so into these ruffles and their crystals glass bead embroidery!

White silk crêpe gown with pale blue silk organza voluminous overskirt, hand-appliquéd with ruffles and elaborately embellished with China blue silk thread-work, crystals and glass bead embroidery. – Ralph & Russo

Work in progress drawing the outline using Nikko G nib and Sumi ink after painting the gown with watercolor:


Scan and clean up using photoshop before finalizing the artwork:

Finalized artwork

I always love Fridays because that’s when weekend is here. It’s always good to have a good break after a busy week!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend! ❤




Wedding Planning Ideas: Creating your own RSVP for free


One month away from my blog and a really good break 🙂

I thought I will be those brides who chill and relax as wedding date drew nearer since I thought I have prepared most of the stuffs last year. Well, apparently not. So I got myself so busy settling the venue, coordinating with the manager, searching for ideas for my reception, and finding ways to get RSVPs in the most convenient way. After some time of googling and researching, I decided to come up with my own website of E-invitation since I am not entirely pleased with other websites templates and also, they are pretty pricey if you wish to have more than the required number of RSVPs (free edition).

So since I own wordpress account, I thought I will just create the RSVP website on my own instead. So there it goes, RSVP website using WordPress Sela theme:

My RSVP website!

PS: I erased away the date and venue to protect my own privacy.

Shall blog more about my venue (it’s a theatre by the way!) once my wedding is over. 😉

Nice anot?!

I am so proud of my own handiwork! I got my favorite color theme, insert my favorite photo and fonts. I think it is so much nicer than other websites that offer free wedding RSVP templates. Ok. I am biased to myself. 🙂

And I just love this photo shot at Korea for my wedding photoshoot by PD Song from L studio (collaboration with Louvre Bridal in Singapore)!

ALTERNATIVE: If you love this backdrop, Trick Eye Museum at Sentosa actually has this display so you can actually take a couple shot there too! 

The best thing is that WordPress has its own contact form so it is easier for guests to input their enquiries  as well. And as for the RSVP link, it links straight to my Google doc that I created where it will store all the responses into CSV sheet which you can open using Excel.

This is how the Google Doc form looks like where you can key in your questions and also choose the theme you want. Pretty easy and it is FREE too.

So this is one amazing suggestion/idea if you ever want to look for free RSVP with your own design 🙂

Now, back to my wedding planning! ❤


Bellae Illustrations: Cinderella Illuminating Gown

There has been quite a huge commotion over Met Gala 2016 event where Claire Danes wowed everyone with her whimsical, jaw dropping Zac Posen ball gown which actually glow in the dark!

#clairedanes #zacposen #metgala

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I also love the shade of blue when it wasn’t glowing as well. How I wish that is my wedding gown, though I don’t think I will be able to withstand the thirty battery packs under my skirt 😉

But this dress got me inspired and I decided to paint it and for the first time in my life, I also decided to try doing a small animation, all using my paints, photoshop and a mouse. Yes, I swear I am using a mouse which it was so painfully slow to begin with because I have to keep undoing the unstable mouse trails as I edit and brushed up the dress on photoshop. I should really get myself a tablet soon which I have been eyeing on Wacom. Has anyone has any other recommendation beside Wacom?

Here’s a video of my work in progress, painting the dress using Finetec Watercolors and Dr PH Martins Pen White Ink (hover over to play the video):


I really salute all animators out there. It wasn’t easy making the animation, having to create many still images/layers as well as deciding the timing in between frames.

And I am starting to miss crafting. I have so many ideas on my explosion boxes but with so many things happening in my life right now, it will be a miracle squeezing some craft time in!


Calligraphy Painting: Lee Petra Grebenau Wedding Dress

Saw this dress and loving it! I know I had to paint it.

Inspired by Lee Petra Grebenau ❤

– Sketched and painted using nikko G nib with Dr PH Martins pen white ink.


Calligraphy painting: The blue gown

Been awfully sick for the past week with a very bad flu and fever. Got a little better to paint this!

This cheers me up more!

Shall try to blog a longer post once I fully recovered 🙂