About the blogger


How does the name “Bellaelysium” comes about?

‘Bella’ related to the Italian and Latin words for beautiful, and ‘Elysium’ means place of perfect bliss. Putting them together give me a very special meaning where I find that the world of handmade crafts is a perfect and beautiful place for creating happiness, spreading the love and joy to everyone.

About the blogger/designer:

Born with congenital bilateral hearing loss and diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, Esther grew up with the Natural-Auditory Oral approach. Since young, she have always love doing art because it gives her the escape and comfort from the oppressive world of speech, auditory and lipreading. Immersed in the beautiful world of handmade crafts, arts become her native language to express her emotions and communication, while gaining strength and positive outlook from it.

She is a self-taught artist who loves playing with all sorts of media especially paper and paints, making her table messy with her crafts. Esther loves interior designing and visiting home decor stores to source for inspirations, so much so that she even worked at a well-known home furnishing company as a part-timer too! Esther also loves weddings, filling up her Pinterest with wedding inspirations, flipping through wedding magazines and at the same time, enjoying crafting wedding gifts for her friends/clients!

With her posts often filled with her creations, inspirations and creativity, she hopes to show others that handmade crafts are the magic of imagination and therefore, highly valued and unique.

The best part about being an artist is that you can conjure up something you love that you can never find elsewhere.  – Esther Peh

 *   *   *

For more information about her handicrafts, please visit her  Facebook Bellaelysium Crafts to view her creations and like the page to get new updates.

Love watching how her cards are made in progress? Click on her youtube channel and subscribe!

For advertorials, sponsorships or business collaborations/proposals, please email her at bellaelysium@yahoo.com.

Copyright ©  2015  Esther Peh

All creations and photos are of my own. You may repost my creations as the source of inspiration for your personal crafting at your website or online gallery and I would appreciate if you could relink back to my blog. However, selling of your crafts made from my designs is not  acceptable. Please contact me if you have further enquiries.


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