I have moved!

Dear Readers,

I have moved!

It will be my last post here and I will be redirecting this blog to my new address once December starts and continue for a year. So do take note of my new address🙂


After so much time spent working behind-the-scenes on setting up my website, figuring out and working on migrating to a self-host platform and working on my theme coding alone, it is quite a relief that I managed to wham through the obstacles and get it started. Thank God for my programming skills obtained from my polytechnic diploma!

It was quite a huge decision for me to host my own website all by myself. I was really uncertain because I have no experience and migrating all my media and content over seems daunting. But I have never like paying other people to do it for me as I wish to do it myself anyway. I have tried once but failed because my coding skills wasn’t good back then and I had to stop from there. After months of reading up, now I am glad that I decided to try again because all the limitations have now been lifted! All my contents is now under my control, and I own it. And the best part is allowing to do custom coding without having being restricted.

I wrote this post because I am unable to migrate my readers who subscribed here via wordpress. That is under WordPress control. I can only migrate my readers who subscribe using their email. So this is a short announcement to sign up again using your email if you still wish to keep updated of my posts.

For now, my website is still new and so far I have tested out and working okay. Do let me know if there is any glitch!

Meanwhile, do pop by at my new website now and subscribe! Otherwise, see you again at my new website in December once the redirecting start🙂


See you at my new website!


Bellae Illustrations: Allerleirauh

Inspiration from Allerleirauh:

Dress golden like the sun

Done in Liquitex Gold acrylic, white watercolor on paper


I must have three dresses; one as golden as the sun, one as silver as the moon, and one as shining as the stars.

– Grimm Brothers’ Fairytale, Allerleirauh

New beginning as Husband and Wife

Blissfully wed! ❤

29 October 2016 - Wedding Over!

29 October 2016 – Wedding Over!

Apologies for taking such a long break from here! I have been so busy moving my things, settling all the wedding preparations for the past month. And on 29 October 2016, everything just happen in a blink of an eye and we are wedded!

Till now, we still cannot believe we are husband and wife. The joy we experience when waiting for each other after work to go home together, the contentment when we eat meals together with family. And we are eagerly waiting for the photos to be ready so that we can share some of our favorite moments that happened on our wedding day 🙂

Sharing one of our conversations before signing off here:

He: ” 老婆, can I buy PS4?”
Me:” Can. On the condition that you get a second controller. I want to play together. ”

Few hours later, he bought PS4 with 2 controllers but games that only allow one player.

Win Liao Lor.

When I pointed out why he did not get the multiple player games, he replied with a smirk that he has fulfilled my condition. Tsk!